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  1. armardo

    Anyone make their own clothes?

    Made a raw edged overcoat for (Australian) winter
  2. armardo

    WAYWT 2013 [pics only]

    Alexander McQueen Silent Damir Doma 3.1 Phillip Lim
  3. armardo

    Anyone make their own clothes?

    Made these trousers. Tailored, slightly cropped, slightly dropped and slightly curved. I'm 5'2, so they look very short. Probably could have added a couple more centimetres to hem opening.
  4. armardo

    worst streetstyle

    mother of god... loving the makeup stain on the lapel..
  5. armardo

    worst streetstyle

    Pray to god this guy doesn't do another blog post
  6. armardo

    Style Inspiration

    where is this from?
  7. armardo

    Style Inspiration

    May issue of Spray Magazine.
  8. armardo

    Hair Thread

    My old hairstyle. Bowl/Undercut. Probably the hardest hairstyle i've ever had manage.
  9. armardo

    morning theft. A/W2011

    please. stop. that bag... why would you want it hanging so low like that?
  10. armardo

    Style Inspiration

    This is true. Better than love is good too. But the rest of the album. meh. amazing style/stylists though.
  11. armardo

    Style Inspiration

    not a big fan of their music, but definitely like their style.
  12. armardo

    worst streetstyle

    http://www.onthestreetsofsydney.com/2011/02/on-the-streets-of-surry-hills-14/ I think her snatch is hungry.
  13. What is the difference, one out of 200 or one out of 500, they look exactly the same. different batch? different manufacturer? i couldnt find anything in search and would really like to find out.
  14. armardo

    worst streetstyle

    He is the sorta guy who says it's ok for him to wear denim short shorts and riding boots, but it's not ok for two guys to kiss. Part of the Doucheoise in Sydney.