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  1. TORONTO Meetup

    saturday saturday saturday
  2. Slouchy Tees

    Also, Stray Boys.
  3. Slouchy Tees

    I hear Indu Homme from Hong Kong Chinatown.
  4. Hotels in San Francisco

    The Mosser is a nice hotel that is fairly cheap. The location is pretty good at Market and 4th Street. I had a great corner room with windows taking up two of the walls. The rooms are decorated in a nice and simple Ikea aesthetic. I can't remember exactly, but the room cost me around $100-$130/night over the summer. The paperwork in the hotel said the room cost around $200/night. They also have rooms with shared bathrooms at a cheaper price. Don't go for that.
  5. a real save your life thread

  6. this might help: http://www.satchelofgravel.com can someone plz make one for dior, ann d, etc...? the adsense revenue for a site like that will be rockstar.
  7. superstalking

    I started this thread in jest but now realize if you're adept at google you can find out more information than you should know. Too late! like wtf wayne is white.
  8. superstalking

    Maybe I'm oblivious but I haven't read threads about interviews with Wayne. http://thebrilliance.com/thebrilliance/interviews/superfuture/interview.asp http://www.slamxhype.com/category/features/inside-superfuture Are there any more? Personal blog? Facebook? Home phone #?
  9. Lad Musician 2008 s/s "sun and shadow"

    Can someone post a torrent to February's Men's Non-No and all the ones since October? Did I miss the torrents? I blindly try to navigate fans.com.cn to no avail.
  10. English text

    You should consult your college for help on your assignment and writing. Most of your spelling is correct. However your ideas are not expressed very clearly and your grammar needs improvement. Your first sentence doesn't make much sense. Along with a few others. Here's my quick revision: I have chosen to write about business economics and English. My main field is accounts analysis where I want to talk about the methods and theories you can use when you make account analysis and how it is used in a company analysis. After I have explained this point I want to use it as the main point in the assignment, where I analyze two companies: the Irish CRH and the Danish firm RBR. Finally, I want to evaluate CRH’s strategy and see if it’s realistic in proportion to the key figures I have calculated earlier. I used a chapter in our business economics book where there were calculation methods I could use to calculate the key figures. Beside this chapter I used a book called Annual Accounts and Company Analysis written by Jørgen Rawn Elkjær and Kristian Hjulsager. I also used a calculation list by B&W. When I analyzed the two firms I used the things which I explained. My conclusion on these two analyses is that they both are doing well. Their return degree and profit degree is fantastic and they are in good development. Finally, I conclude that CRH’s strategy to double their revenue within five years is going well. They had a 46% increase in their revenue from 2004 to 2006.
  11. im gonna be honest

    Zippers don't make good fashion statements. The same goes for the Raf zipper hoodie, April 77 zipper jeans, and anything else with excess zippers.
  12. The kangaroo pouch on the back of the shoes ruin them. The pouch looks good on the original Raf shoes but doesn't quite work with the knockoffs.
  13. brainstorm: gifts for the broke.

    This is like when George Costanza gives everyone fake cards saying he donated to a charity on their behalf.