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  1. hi supertalkers! Am off this weekend for Paris shows. Can anyone tell me where they stock miharayasuhiro in Paris??? I loved their last collection but can't seem to find who stocks them. Any info appreciated! Thanks
  2. subhuman

    overdose of hipster at Beatrice Inn?

    But can ordinary (but well dressed) shlubs like us (even those who might write for a very hip mag) get into Beatrice Inn? How to sweeten door bitch, Angelo?
  3. C'mon people, more more advice re:Misshapes needed! Yay or nay? Also, have peeps been to "brother of Chloe" Sevigny's bar/resto, The Beatrice Inn? Worth checking out or pretentious and wanky to the extreme? I need yr advice! X
  4. hey folks Will be in NY from 5-10 July. Want to check out Misshapes but have heard mixed reports. Is it overrated? Will it be half as good as London's Boombox? Is there some terrifying door policy that won't let me in? And if it's over, any recommendations on cool indie/electro nights to check out in Manhattan or Brooklyn? Going to see Cat Power at MCcarren Park Pool but would like other recommendations on happenings/galleries etc bisous X
  5. Yo soopertalkers! I swear I did do a search and couldn't find a topic related to this. Have quite a lot of annual leave to use up and am desperate to go to NY before August when my new contract starts. Which month do you reckon is best time to go for sample/good sales in NY? May, June or July? I remember reading about Opening Ceremony and Patrik Ervell sales that I would have LOVED to gone to. Out of those 3 months, when is there the most stuff happening (gigs, clubs, art happenings) slammin' in New York? Hope to hear from you soon Kin
  6. Hi soopertalkers I'm gonna visit NY in spring and pay pilgrimmage to my favourite store, Cloak which I know is shuttering after this season (I interviewed Alexandre Plokhov for a piece on it! - check it at www.dazeddigital.com) So imagine my shock when I tried to go to the website and got a blank page with words "default site" on it. Is the flagship store on 10 Greene St still open? Please tell me it is so! Does anyone know how long it will be open?
  7. subhuman

    hej stockholm!

    I'm gonna be in Stockholm from Dec 3 to 7. Anything happening then? What is fellow superfuture-folk's recommendation for Stockholm in 72 hours in winter???
  8. subhuman

    Viktor & Rolf for H&M

    Thought I'd start another thread on the much anticipated Viktor & Rolf collection for H&M as it gets closer to launch date (and since my last post didn't get a response!). Go to http://www.nitrolicious.com/blog/2006/09/14/update-viktor-rolf-for-hm/#more-2073 for some enticing pics! Does anyone else have any more? (am dying to see the Men's stuff!)
  9. subhuman

    What are your favourite fashion magazines?

    I think Marmalade is so gimmicky. My bibles are i-D Crash - beautiful French mag 10 Men (like its conversational informal style but bit too full of scandalous gay gossip) Fantastic Man (unique and truly fantastic, gorgeous layout) Another Man still buy Arena Homme Plus but bit too poncey for me now Acne Paper is beautiful with its large format and interesting articles and of course Dazed and Confused, whom I've been lucky to write for! that's already waaayy too much time to spend reading fashion mags! A friend in the fashion industry recommended Commons & Sense mag which looked good but it was in Japanese - do others rate it?
  10. subhuman

    best trenchcoats of A/W 06

    The WJK one is cool! What does WJK stand for? (or is that the full name?) How much is it going for? Do they sell it in London? Oh and could someone post a pic of the Cloak trench that is supposedly so tops? p.s. girls in trenches are sexy - yes!
  11. subhuman

    best trenchcoats of A/W 06

    Hiya folks Am in the market for a trenchcoat for winter and wondered what the best ones out there at the moment. I LOVE this McQ trenchcoat though last I checked it wasn't in shops in London yet:( I would also include a pic of the black hooded black Balenciaga trenchcoat (www.balenciaga.com) cos I'm obsessed with it but err can't. Anyone have any idea how much that one would cost? Are they selling it in London?
  12. subhuman

    WTB: Cloak boots F/W06

    Apparently this season they've fixed the sizing problem and now the boot sizes is true to size. Can anyone corroborate this? Am a UK 8, US 9 and my pair of Buddhahood shoes are size 41.
  13. subhuman

    WTB: Cloak boots F/W06

    I am seriously obsessed with these Cloak boots. Unfortunately Harvey Nicks who are the only stockists of Cloak in London aren't getting the footwear in -aargh! Could any like-minded Cloak fanatics please check out how much they are retailing for in New York/LA and if any in my size (US 9 though I hear the sizing is a bit wierd for Cloak) Let's see if we can organise some kind of transaction! MAKE IT WORK! x
  14. subhuman

    Patrik Ervell

    I will try to scan the pics I have in my copy of Fantastic Man but trust me -HOT! in meantime go to www.patrikervell.com to check out the man's work!
  15. subhuman

    Patrik Ervell

    Hiya - have seen some press on Patrik Ervell and am very intrigued. Apart from being handsome himself, he has a very unique aesthetic and the clothes look cool as seen on the catwalk. Does anyone own anything by him? what is it like? Is it only sold at Opening Ceremony? I write for a style mag and on lookout for hot new menswear designers with not much press. Anyone else to recommend?