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  1. ^ my experience with liter bikes is small however my friend let me ride his gsxr1000 and all I can say is "goddamn" I couldn't tell I was going fast until it felt like the fairings were shaking. The only thing I felt ok sitting on liter wise has been the z1000.

  2. Nice bike jack! Surprised you didn't put single seat cowl and large circular light.

    Debating on getting another bike for more "spirited" highway rides. The wr250x is pretty dull past 75 mph. Not sure if a ninja 250 is worth it or I should just buy something in the 600cc range.

  3. not sure where your from.. but mixing socal drivers and rain sucks. 6-8 people would be fine for craft + commerce but since the weather is shitty you might want to avoid it since they'd stick you outside. small bar... hence the name is is tiny in size too but they have a few tables to accommodate larger groups unless this has changed.

    rain seems like good soup weather, has anyone gone to the OB noodle house? heard they have a killer tap and decent grub.

  4. theres this dueling piano bar that I'm thinking of, it might be in gas lamp? it was pretty cool tho they played a modest mouse cover

    i think this is shout house... supposed to be pretty cool. i don't do much downtown anymore. most of my drinking is done at obriens.

  5. if your going to be downtown check out neighborhood in gas lamp which is burgers and beers. their other spot craft and commerce in little italy has a good bar and decent grub and they will make some nice cocktails/mix drinks. downtown johnny browns usually has a good tap list (more so toward the weekend). el camino and el dorado seem to be the new hang out spots. avoid gas lamp night life unless you want to bro out.

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