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  1. i was there at 6:30 7, but i was first in line >: ) good hanging out with all you guys, gotta try on my shirt and see if it even fits me hahaha

    u took the glory for being the 1st in line, but def wasnt the 1st one there, I wasnt either for that matter, I wish I had more money to spend ...sigh .. I was the tall kid in the LV scarf ...

    the suit I bought though fits fantastic, and the reversible jacket I didnt know how badly I wanted it til I seen it ... I cant wait for a restock

  2. ive gone thru about 3 pairs of these ... ( I get stupid when Im drunk ... I tend to end up ripping things lol )

    But these are by far my Fav. pants .... my MIJ Diors have taken a back seat since I purchased the khakis and the blk pair .. the only thing I hate is that I got so many compliments that my 3 closest friends purchased them as well

  3. the iPhone is a unbelievable device , only prob I had with it is the activation ..... I couldnt get past a certain screen on itunes , after talking to cust service for about 2 hrs i spent another 5 at at&t , I eventually googled the problem and found a solution myself , but atleast the rep. Waived the activation and change of number fee on both iPhone's I purchased

    And there is a way to put mp3 ringtones on the iPhone , I currently have renegade and dear mama

  4. 6byo6yc.jpg

    my man purse lol .... i get alot of ish from my girlfriend and friends but i dont care

    its the damier pouchette .... I also own the backpack and looking to buy the damier messenger bag

    i see no need for a mans pockets to be STUFFED with ish , or your girlfriend complaining about holding your stuff in her bag you probably bought for her

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