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  1. are this seasons B.D shirts smaller than the previous??

    trying to get me the albacore and the circles (sz3).. but the measurements given look like they a lot smaller..

  2. Aku

    I bought a pair of FBTs in August, but i get sent a pair of Airmax. He says he made a mistake (prob true), and would organise for my shoes to be sent. Now after 4 months no contact, doesnt answer my PMs..

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    last activity: 12-07-08 10:17 PM

  3. fellas.. i need a small set of speakers for my bedroom setup.. like i need real good bass.. since i play dubstep..

    what u reckon i should get? im thinking one of those denon mini systems...

  4. Got a pair of Samurai 5000VX sz33 hemmed to 33.

    2 hot soaks, tumble dry, work 3 weeks max, still heaps dark.

    Been sitting in my closet for a long while.

    Im looking to trade for S0500XX sz34, or other jap denim in 34.

    Will also consider trades for Visvim.

    PM me!

    Will get pics.

  5. festivus and the feats of strength.. haha gold..

    few one liners i liked:

    Elaine: The pig says my wife is a slut?

    George: You are killing independant George, a george divided against himself cannot stand. George is getting upset!

    George: The sea was angry my friend, like an old man trying to send back soup in a deli...

    i liked this bit as well...

    Frank: Okay, where's my boy?

    George: Oh my God.

    Frank: I'm sitting at home, reading a periodical, and this is the call I get? My son is a bootlegger? (He hits George in the head)

    George: Ow! Dad...

    Frank: Who put you up to this, was it her? (points to anna)

    Elaine: All right. Wait a minute. I think you've got it backwards.

    Frank: My George isn't clever enough to hatch a scheme like this.

    Elaine: You got that right.

    Frank: What the hell does that mean?

    Elaine: It means whatever the hell you want it to mean.

    Frank: You sayin' you want a piece of me?

    Elaine: I could drop you like a bag of dirt.

    Frank: You wanna piece of me? You got it! (fight)

  6. Thanks man.

    I'm actually going for fades, but i want to keep the integrity of the fabric. From reading the posts in the 0500xx contest it seems that people who didn't wash as much had broken pockets and worn out crotches. Because of the type of cotton, i was under the impression that when you wash these jeans they become rigid again, meaning less loose breakable threads. What if i go for cold hand washes with Bronners, about every month?

    did you size down on those???

    looks good btw.

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