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  1. who cares, streetwears for the birds

    honestly, i dont but im curious as to what they are gonna do with that stussy store being a flagship

    i've probably been in there less than 4 times lol since its inception

  2. what the fuck. i've known this girl for 5 years, and she is probably the coolest girl i have ever met, and will meet. 1 in a million type of person. We've liked each other before but have NEVER done anything about it. she goes to a different school. hanging out with her is bittersweet because you know she doesnt want a relationship for her own silly internal reasons. and the fact that you see her every 3 months at best does not help me.

    i've sort of come to the mentality of having to move on but everytime i've tried she haunts the fuck out of me. so i've come to the conclusion that life is shit.

    i feel you man.......it sucks balls

  3. lol yeah.. I knew everything in store was marked up extremely high, especially after seeing the two VOD frames on this page (http://www.marunouchi.com/shop/detail/5033_index.html) with prices ~330 CAD...

    Anyway, I'd love to get a pair from YELLOWS PLUS one day... :o) I really like their no. 621.

    yeah 330 seems more reasonable......i got mine in NY for 280 ish from a store called focal index on mercer? but maybe they are even cheaper in JP? it says made in japan

    none the less i can vouch for the quality

    also they fit my face like a charm.............

  4. Found a local store yesterday carrying some frames by two brands I had never heard of: YELLOWS PLUS and VISION OF DIVISION. The quality on them was superb; felt very solid and well made, but were very pricey ($450 - $620CAD). I wanted to find more of their frames to try on in my area (Vancouver) but no luck so far...

    Anyway I recently bought Oliver Peoples' Deacon (storm) & Riley 48 (cocobolo) and I've been veeerry happy with them :o)

    thats fucked up hahaha

    vision of division for 4-6 bills canadian? get the fuk outta here

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
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