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  1. ill be there friday night


    I used that place for studying. The restaurant there (Søren K) is also supposed to be really good, but I've never tried it myself.


    Another thing worth doing is just walking around town and you might stumble upon something you like. The city is really safe and there's no places that should be avoided per se.


    When will you be here?


    ill be there friday night

  2. relevant to what?


    shopping: storm, woodwood, norse, acne, NAGstore

    dining: noma, relæ, geranium, mielke&hurtigkarl, AOC, Marchal, amass

    sights: Christiania, Tivoli, Ny Carlsberg Glypotek, Hirschsprungske Samling, Jægersborggade, Kastellet, channel tour, Frederiksstaden (incl royal palace), Distortion/whatever is happening this week


    as in the spots recommended in here are still around or not........


    thanks for the update


    ill be staying around the black diamond

  3. no sure about the nano SIM but yes, you can purchase a tourist SIM (with unlimited data) i got a micro-SIM earlier this year

    HKIA arrivals, elevator to the right... up 1 to departures, go all the way straight then turn right. the counter is opp. Muji if i remember correctly, think it's OIOI (or the other way round?), they have a few plans avaliable

    1010 but yes any of those (i.e 3HK, Smartone, etc.) should have tourist plans on the cheap. Not sure about Nano sim but its hong kong so you're probably straight.

  4. What the hell do y'all carry around in these huge bags, I don't imagine you're all going camping everyday? Right?

    I can understand if you're a student but not everyone here is

    This thread needs a "Errday I haul X Backpacks collab (pics only)" threa where you post a "backpack dump" lol

    IMO, most bags being posted are not hard to fill up with all the gadgets people carry around nowadays. Its also good to have that extra space.

  5. even with the the people leaving during CNY to go on vacation, HK is still packed as mother fuka during CNY so don't worry about that.

    looking to go to HK and shanghai right before CNY like end of January. since CNY is in the middle of Feb will there still be festivities going on during that time?

    i heard that a lot of people leave during CNY and go on vacation so its not as fun to go during the actual CNY.


  6. What kind of friend are you?

    every friend needs that brash asshole.

    looks bad as a friend but its for the better and if they're real friends everything will be fine at the end of the day.

    p.s. don't get me wrong, im not endorsing it but i think its justified if there's a need for it. if theyre in denial and tune you out - then cool move along, they'll learn when they get burn.

  7. went to the CWB shop on wednesday and the guy said the shoes will release on 23/8 (yesterday) and only in NSW Causeway Bay (for the Racer) and Juice in Fashion Walk CWB (for the Trainer)

    EDIT: and also completely sold out on the first day, also missed it cause i was stuck in office

    thanks for the info.

    i guess we can try ebay i see the orange racers go for 170-200 before shipping. not too bad considering they retail for 150 anyways.

    also, anybody following the infrared hyperfuse? sold out as well id assume?

  8. Follow Nike Sportswear Hong Kong on Facebook. I don't read Chinese, but it looks like Juice has the HTM ones and the Nike store in TST should be getting them soon if they don't have them already

    thanks for the heads up with following NSW HK on FB, Landy.

    also to answer the question which Landy alluded to already, they posted 8/23 as the release date for 1199 HKD at NSW stores. In terms of location, you could try Nike store in TST across from Miramar or NSW in Harbour City ? CWB has a great NSW store too.

    p.s. Poof, you heading to Hong Kong again?

  9. if you go to hong kong, eat at tsui wah - it's like a 24hr chinese dennys on steroids, cheap and utterly delicious - you can find them pretty much anywhere you end up thinking "man i could go for some food right now"

    LOL dennys on steroids.

    portions are small tho but yeah Tsui Wah won't disappoint if you are looking for a quick eat 5am in the morning. usually more than 1 location around the busier districts (CWB, TST, CENTRAL, WANCHAI, MK etc.)

  10. yes been there last week. find it on the highest floor where ruby tuesdays and din tai fung is.

    yup where it used to be

    thanks for the headsup! lol dont wander over to silvercord much after IT outlet and APC moved......

    you living here or you here to visit?

  11. +1

    Some geller t-shirts run a bit longer than others, but I'm about the same height as you and the ones I just got fit fine length-wise..one is maybe a tad too long but if it shrinks at all when I wash it the length will be fine.

    How do you guys wash yours? The tags say hand wash...which seems a little extreme for a tee (also, I'm lazy).

    if theres no special print/embellishment i just toss it in the washer on cold and gentle, even my rayon stuff........

    the grey or dark enzyme tees might lose a little bit of colour but no biggie.

  12. went to tung chung outlet center 2 weeks ago. and yes it definitely is worth a visit. the levis store had quite a lot lvc stuff at ridiculous prices, same goes for the huge i.t outlet shop there. its a bit of hassle to dig through the tons of stuff there, but the prices and the selection of the clothing make it worth it in my opinion; also try the i.t outlet in tst (silvercord shopping center)

    the silvercord location is back?

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