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  1. I know there's edwin but if there are more brands feel free to drop some knowledge

    okay it depends what you consider norm. norm to me is just normal redline selvage (apc)

    like you mentioned, Edwin, which they have rainbow selvage (other brands too)

    45 rpm has selvage like those.

    SC has some green line

    PBJ has blue

    Nudie has some copper/orange coloured selvage (BB).

    DH has silver selvage

    Gucci has some gucci coloured selvage

    HM has some green/purple......................etc etc etc. ooooookkkkkkkaaaaay you get the point.

    okay enough from me, im gone.........dont wanna shit up this thread.

  2. i bought those light blue jeans today with a small amount of birthday money that wouldnt have done much better. here is a photo of them with flash.

    i would describe it as a true 'baby blue' or even a 'powder blue'. it is definitely a lighter shade of cyan,

    as opposed to traditional light blue. there is a touch of that greyness in there.

    they are not as bright as i imagined, nor are they as fruity as polishmike told me.

    i think they're just fruity enough.


    so any fit pic of these?!

  3. Why anyone would want to buy Visvim at European/US prices is beyond me. $500 for a pair? When you can get it from FIL for $360-$380.

    Nevertheless, with this price hike, hopefully all the 07 dick riders of Visvim (read that as "my fellow Americans") will fall off board and go back to The Hundreds and 10 Deep.

    Lastly who wants to buy Visvim nowadays?...perhaps I'll save that argument for another time.

    aint that the truth

    i still wear my shits from before tho but def. wont be buying new ones anytime soon.

  4. I am really feeling the red selvage I think more companies should add different colored selvage, it would definitely be a nice switch up from the norm.

    ummmmm......... a lot of jeans by other company do have a variety of selvage colour different from the "norm"

  5. where can I get shoes like that HK underground elk leather hi-top? Man that is great wish it was sz 11. Someone buy his shit.

    it was purchased couple season ago.

    so its pretty impossible to find it now and Underground has gone to a different direction in terms of styling. They're more into the "rock and roll skinny fit" just like any other brand in HK right now lol jocking the DH styling. (at least during the summer when i was there). I wish they'll fit me better but theyre too tight. it was more of a impulse buy because it was soo nice and i thought i could squeeze myself into them.

    thanks for the bump guys

    Underground SOLD!!!

  6. What's up just selling some stuff that I dont wear that much.and helping a friend to sell some stuff. PM me any questions or additional pictures.

    First off

    CP Dark Grey Achilles Low size 42. 8/10 lots of life left check the pictures to determine the condition yourself. normal crease and wear some knick not much can be seen being dark grey. serial/size stamp still on. no box but will come with CP dust bag.

    asking: SOLD





    Next, Visvim Judd Stingray low size 9 fits big can prolly fit 9.5-10. Tried on only comes with box, tag, foam, all the jazz that comes wiht brand new visvims.

    asking: 180 plus shipping or we can work something out



    Wings & Horns Tee from couple season ago. I think Minya was selling one before. size Large. washed a handful of times still good and lots of life left with quality you'll expect from W+H.

    asking: 20 + shipping (not much just for a tee)

    1st pic with flash, the rest w/out flash




    Umbro by Kim Jones Tee, size M. brand new with tags.

    asking: sold


    White shoes by Underground. some brand in HK sold under the IT group. nice soft elk leather. too small for me. would fit someone probably 8-8.5. 8.5/10 just need some cleaning on the sole lots of life left.

    asking: SOLD




  7. i'm currently doing boring menial tasks at a financial institution that shall remain unnamed.

    I paused my education because a.) I failed too many courses for spending money (both mine and my parents) to be reasonable and b.) I was failing because I was so fed up with the bullshit I had to endure in the English/cultural studies program at Mac.

    also, I'm not sure about hypermasculinity...is this another shot at my neck?

    dont go back to school if you have the slightest of doubt you'll just end up wasiting money again.

    or switch program.

  8. why not just post the pic of the shoe? Just a heads up, but many aren't to thrilled about sewards anyway, and the logo is bad. Might catch flack. That might work on hypebeast but not here

    The "sneak peek" shot I mean....

    hahaha well said, aint that the damn truth.

  9. if you dont like raw/selvage.....might as well migrate to another fashion message board.

    i know its a bold statement but i think a lot ppl that are here now migrated from the dunk/beast crowd during the nudie/apc explosion and its the DENIM talk that blew up this message board altho this is a fashion board afterall.

    i still wear/love/buy raw (still got some waitng for more wear)......but i switch it up with other stuff. sucks that the older knowlegable members arent as actice as before. i tried to avoid superdenim cause it gets me into buying raws while i still have some waiting for me to wear.

    i do think it was too much when people were crazy over any repros that came out from japan.

  10. My understading is that the crease is the product of a press and a chemical process that keeps it in place. Maybe I could get a taylor to do it.

    I found those the other day jewbagel. They look like the best option so far. Thanks.

    oh okay

    cause dress pants i have, after a wash the creases gone.

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