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  1. my mom almost was fucking mugged right outside the fucking four seasons in the middle of the day!

    i think u can tell the difference because a lot of outsiders are a lot darker than most shanghainese people...

    That's true. Locals are more pale.

    And yes Shanghai can be crazy.......was there with my family back then, my mother and my sister had a can of pop in their hand and some kids just straight up took it from their hands.............rediculous and sad.

  2. Just out of curiosity, because Im not going to read through 583 pages of stuff, but has this whole thread only had ONE actual meetup? And then stemmed into 583 pages of talking about other things?

    Or were there several all compiled into this one thread?

    there has been mini meetups by couple SuFu-ers as far as I know. As for official meetup, to my knowlege there's only one, when Axtsang(OP) was still around, so go figured.

    Speaking of him, lol where is dude now? Has those allege scams been resovled?

  3. But who's eaten at Chung King? I keep hearing about good food and honestly not all that scared by the talk of the jizz in my food... hahha

    no idea haha but flyers were always handed to me when im there haha

    a relative run a place there so i def wouldnt say its shady............what are those shit called? are they even considered as hostels? but yeah mad packbackers go there when theyre in HK.

    as for Cyber, lol i think that place closed down casue of the same reason FTB said about that other place. K/E with underage kids.............

  4. not to mention that during winter break, my friend got held ransom at a fucking strip club...sketchy as hell.

    were you there with him?

    you're friend must;'ve done something.......if he didn't then i take that back.

    but IMO HK at night is not as sketchy as some of y'all say......lol kowloon is def. not "hood" by any stretch....

    you'll probably not run into any shit if you keep your nose to yourself.

  5. Selling some of my beloved pieces from Spruce/Wings + Horns! All items are in excellent condition. I keep my clothes in very good condition. PM me if you need any references.

    Wings & Horns Tee + Thermal Combo

    Size: M

    Description: Sleeves say "Fuck Forever". Really warm piece but I should've went with a small for a better fit.


    Spruce Marble Hoodie

    Size: L

    Description: Excellent hoodie, its not as loud as it seems. Signature long cuffs!


    Wings & Horns Tee

    Size: L but fits in between M and L

    Asking: SOLD

    Description: Nice medium weight tee! Again, would be better if I went with a smaller size.


    Spruce Purple Tigerfleece Hoodie

    Size: M slimfit, it doesn't have the slimfit tag but I'm positive that it is a slim fit as I have a terry green M slimfit and they fit identical.

    Asking: SOLD

    Description: Excellent condition, washed a handful of times. Interior is still mighty soft, no piling what so ever.


  6. Levi's RED loop Selvage denim!

    Size: 30 x 32

    Condtion: Brand New with tags!

    Price: 110

    Description: These are selvage denim from Levis Red Loop line. I don't think Canada sells the Red Loop line. Correct me if I'm wrong as I don't frequent Levis Store in Canada (the stuff are garbage and overpriced compared to other continent). Comes in nice copper/orange selvage line. Fits like Nudie Slim Jim if you are familiar with that. Heavier weight denim than Slim Jims. These are probably 12-13 oz.





  7. check supermarket. Bootlleg? is selling it for some time now. It may be still available.

    i did a search

    not that many ppl are selling it and i found bootlegs post in this thread advertising it. PM-ed him so just waiting for a reply. but i think he sold it already its not in his 7 eleven selling thread no more.

    thanks for helping!

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