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  1. ppl bashes apc for being boring every season.

    don't you get it already?!

    their whole styling is based on simplicity...........

    nice basics/staples with a french twist and slim fit is what they excell in but things have been cut more "generously" nowadays which is not cool at all.

  2. where to look for deck shoes? preferably blue and white. any specific malls or stores or whatever?


    same question about german army trainers. slept too long on the pair l3ootlegs was selling and now I want them even more.

    get some sambas.

    same sillouette.

  3. As title states, got a pair of CP suede hightop for sell.

    Don't think they make these anymorein this colour. They are size 43, in good condition. I would say 8/10.

    Usual denim stain around the collar. Toe and Side panal Suede is very clean, as I have cleaned it before posting it up. Still lots of life left, check the pictures. Comes with dustbag!.

    pants. Bought them in Japan cause I wanted some black pants. Impulse buy, probably worn for no more than 2 times, seriously. Can

    Asking: 45 shipped.

    http://i39.tinypic.com/mcx11i.jpg' alt='mcx11i.jpg'>



  4. just because nothing never happened to you dont mean all of HK is safe. get your head out from the sand.

    for real, HK is not that dangerous compared to a lot of other places. I mean yeah just because nothing never happeend, but you should be smart enough to stay out of trouble when you are travelling.

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