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  1. I think the problem is he actually got dropped by a couple stockists (Odin, Roden Gray), and a few other places have closed altogether (Hejfina). I for one am having a hell of a hard time finding the shirts I wanted in size 52, apparently the few orders left to be filled should be out by the end of the month. Odin dropping him is really rough as Blackbird is now the only place to buy online that has a good selection, and they have run out pretty quickly so far.

    Roden Gray dropped them?

    Thought RG stuff were doing fine there, really didnt expect that.

  2. HK was a piece of shit. i got there 5 mins after opening and was surprised that there was no line up. got to the door and it was frantic with motherfuckers grabbing piles of shit in their baskets and then congregating together and just sitting on their shit. there were a few 'base camps' around the shop set up for hoarding, while the racks were basically bare.

    everytime someone would put something down, 3 hands would grab at it and pull in different directions. 5 mins in - all jackets were cleared out. only thing left were some shirts, belts, beanies and cotton pants.

    i just got a button down, belt and beanie. wanted a grey suit though. oh well.

    edit - and i forgot to mention. i suppose in everyone's rush to get down there by opening - most heads forgot to apply deodorant.

    LOLOLOl which location is this? Miramar or Festival Walk?

  3. For those of you PMing me about getting them stuff for the +J collection:

    Uniqlo employees CANNOT purchase items from the +J collection. So please stop contacting me and asking me if I can do pick-ups for you.

    From this post on, anyone asking me for pickups will be ignored.

    Damn everyone for PMing you winding closer to the drop date

    I still remeber you were offering pickups

  4. still in toronto (well just outside) just working some bullshit for now.

    went to new zealand last summer for 4 months (for their winter) to snowboard

    I'm going to Australia this winter for a couple weeks (for their summer) to surf

    You still in Toronto? What do you do around here...

    You never came out to any of the meetups eh? Dont remember meeting you but i know you've been around here since back in the day

    hahah yeah i see you popping in the TO thread once in a while and being suprised that i'm from here too.

    still in school.

    yeah i was away from town so i missed the first ever meetup held by axtsang so i never really acquainted with any other TO-ers. lol i guess thats why i am always outta the loop for any mini meet ups and whatnot.

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