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  1. woo hoo REAL DD's!!!

    No one ever seems to stick with them for super long though... I like the 50's version, was thinking about getting that one next.

    I bet those are actually super dark in real life and hardly faded.

    I still have a pair of 20's I wear as comfy jeans with not much wear and a pair of 30's that are essentially DS that I snagged real cheap on ebay. At this point, I am just washing and wearing the 20's to see what type of blue they finally fade out to.

  2. I tried Minca the other night. Had the Charshu Ramen. Felt like I was eating pure fat, which while interesting, wasn't the greatest feeling afterwards. Noodles and some of the ingredients were a little cold, as was the broth.

    I think I still like Menchanko-Tei the best (of the admittedly few places I've been).

  3. It looks like so far, the examples have been of people buying for the children/ nieces & nephews.

    Anybody here collect them just for kicks? I know that it's a little easier to find deadstock examples of Big E Levi's, for example and they're probably easier to display...

    it's the same idea as those size 60 promo jeans they used to produce, except on the other side of the size scale

  4. Those pictures are why the whole "one year, then retire" methodology is bullshit...

    I feel like most japanese denim just starts to get good after a year... I'd like to see more 2 and 3 year pairs on the boards...

  5. So I just got these babies in and I really like them. I was a little unsure of the toe (which looks a little bulbous) but I find it a refreshing contrast to my mostly tapered toe shoe collection.

    What I wanted some advice on was resoling. I've had no experience with vibram crepe wedge soles, so I'm not sure what they're supposed to feel like, exactly. But these shoes feel a little stiff. The foam doesn't have the bounce that I was expecting of it. The closest point of reference I have is a pair of Cortez's that I used to wear in college; those had a little spring to them.

    Do you guys think it'd be a good idea to replace the soles? Or does the Vibram crepe sole really feel a little stiff? And how much does this usually run? Like $40? I'm guessing I can still find the same make or a similar one from cobblers (I still see this model of Vibram sole on new shoes)

  6. just scored a somewhat funky pair of shoes on the 'bay:


    sorry for the no imbedded pics, couldn't be bothered to save them and host them myself...

    I was attracted by the plain toe, the brand (Hanover, from whom I have a few pretty nice shoes), the Vibram crepe soles, and the color of the leather.

    I was in the market for a brown leather shoe that I could wear casually and would age nicely... I'm hoping this is that shoe.

    What I'm worried about is a) whether it'll fit and B) whether it'll look like an orthopedic shoe

    will post updates when they arrive.

  7. honestly, it's hard to tell without having the denim at hand... My experience with unsanforized jeans is that for the most part, the waist will stretch out to the pre soak size. Depending on the denim, though, it can take long periods to do that. My SC 47s for example took maybe 2-3 weeks to do it, as they are a pretty dense weave; my WH DD's only take a few days since they are a looser weave.

    It also depends on how you want them to fit in the legs. If you want it to fit a as close as possible, then I would go regular waist size and try and stretch it out; if you don't mind a little more room in the legs in exchange for a waist that will be more comfortable over all, then go up one.

    Washing schedule also is a factor... if you usually go 6 months to a year without washing then you can probably afford to go true size. If you intend to wash fairly frequently (like eventually every month or so) then go up a little. Another thing to consider is that the repro cuts aren't really meant to be worn super tight...

  8. whoever orders the 50's or 60's model: please post your fits ASAP! I am very curious to see how they fit...

    It also looks like they do a variety of backpocket stitching? kinda neat, but as with all things custom it can be easy to get carried away and end up with something that you don't really love after a while... if I were to do it, I'd stick to simple geometric shapes.

  9. The art noveau text always gets me on the flashers...

    Also stuff from Warehouse is fun. Their flashers are more inspired by the turn of the century practice of making engravings super-complex so as to foil forgery (not sure what the are history term for that is)

    CD, I'm stealing from your image in the under appreciated WH Duckdigger thread:


  10. as has been mentioned earlier in the thread, if it weren't for Levi's then none of us would be into denim as much as we are, period. I think that's more or less a universally agreed fact for most people here.

    The next question, then, is why Levi's? Mostly, it's because of how "democratic" a pair of Levi's was in the past... they were worn by everyone (from celebrities to average joes), were affordable, and reliable.

    So what does authenticity mean and what is its value? For most people on the board, it's about recapturing some of the spirit of those old photos that are in our collective memory... prospect miners, post WW2 greasers, etc.

    As to how we go about doing that, well there's a few different schools of thought: there's die hard purists who need all of the specs of the garment to mirror the real mccoy from fabric to construction (this is LVC and Japanese Repros). There's also people who emulate a look, but may not necessarily need to be exhaustive about it (I am thinking here of companies like Rag & Bone and maybe RRL). And of course, there is a wide spectrum of companies that fall in the middle.

    Personally, I like striking a balance between a garment that actually fits my skinny ass frame and has some of the qualities of the older garments. I'm also fond of cuts that are more resistant to changes in silhouette (e.g. slim but not tight, straight leg with a little taper) I own jeans from all different points of the denim continuum: SC 1947s, Warehouse DD 1920s, Nudie TFDBC, Edwin ED47, WH x BiG, RRL Slim fit.

    I find that I wear the latter two pairs far more than the rest because they're not too exaggerated in terms of fit and because I like their fabric the most.

    I'm not super concerned about pedigree these days, but I do find that the stuff I tend to lean towards is the stuff that is coming out of Japan. If I came across something made in the US or China or where ever that faded as well or had as nice a hand as the stuff from Japan, I wouldn't be shy about buying it.

  11. Sorry if this has already been noted but just letting anyone who's interested know the LVC raw 517s are now marked down from $185 to $50 at all Levi's stores. And if anyone ever needs help finding a certain LVC in a certain size just shoot me a pm. We have a big database that can track 'em down.

    does anyone know what the deal is with LVC 517s? Orange tab? Sanforized? I'm assuming non-selvage... and how's the denim? pretty similar to other LVC or not so nice?

  12. it looks like a pull over, but they've pleated it on the outside rather than than the inside. half button pull overs were a little more common in the earlier part of the century, but I've never seen one like this.

    In the olden days, tailors were more mindful of matching fabric patterns on a garment, but this is sometimes overlooked with mass-produced garments today. Usually that is something that you will only see on A) simply patterned garments or B) High grade artisanal goods (like Bespoke suits).

    It looks like the creator of that shirt didn't really care for that, which is definitely not to say it's a low quality shirt. It's actually kind of charming.

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