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  1. Let's go New York Knicks!!!! You know all the real fans in Hoodhattan been waiting for this for years mayneee

  2. Dancing to Suffragette City in Price Chopper.

  3. One day in the future, when I'm in law school, I'll remember all the time I spent (more like inadequate time spent) learning how to arrange and group random objects, using strange arbitrary conditions. And I'll quip to myself, "man that was so helpful for my present day law education. " Anyway... wish me luck on this absurd waste of time.

    1. fobsquad
    2. StrangeLove
    3. emrinderForgotHisPassword


      haha thanks I didn't even know this shit was linked like that. fobsquad you just tight you on the wrong side of the bridge herb

  4. The homie Phillip Anthony is in Binghamton hangin wit me and Elena and we're goin to Atlas Sound at Binghamton University!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

  5. In Ithaca for Emancipator at Castaways. My Ithaca and Cornell people holla at me. We tryina get it in tonight.

  6. Got mad dope color fliers printed on cardstock from SA Ink for Atlas Sound at Binghamton University!! Me and Elena put em all over campus today. Even doper gloss and semi-gloss fliers coming from the Copy Center tomorrow for the show.

  7. Shoutout to Reconstrvct! And Jack Sparrow is absolutely killin it

  8. serious weekend. First is Friday- TURRBOTAX® w / Mosca [ ✈ ] → Altered Natives [ ✈ ] → Braille and Saturday- Reconstrvct ft. Jack Sparrow, Lurka, Joe Nice, TrueNature

  9. A Sunday kind of love past Saturday night. Elena Herrera

  10. Stop the political/ideological statuses and link everyone. You do not know what you're talking about. especially the Ron Paul trolls. stop it.

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