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  1. Ask dumbass questions, get dumbass answers.

    What crawled up your ass?

    I didn't ask for safety advice, I asked for helmet sizing. There happen to be some of us that like old bikes, leathers, helmets and all of the 'unsafe' and obsolete materials, mechanics, tires, etc that go along with them. There's no need for asinine commentary.

  2. Sizing advice? Buy the size that looks best on your shelf and then leave it there and buy a helmet that won't just act as a takeout container for your brain pudding when you stack it doing more than 11mph.

    Thanks for the entirely unhelpful commentary, mom. Really.

    I am fully aware of motorycle helmet safety standards and the risks of 'vintage' helmets, however, that doesn't mean I want a helmet that doesn't fit, should I choose to wear it jerking off, riding unicycles, or otherwise.

  3. Anyone own a Bell Moto 3? Any advice on sizing?

    The prices on E-bay are absurd since they are 'in' right now. I wore one growing up when I rode dirt bikes and wanted one for nostalgia reasons. I wear a 7 1/2 hat+helmet normally and bought a 7 1/2 Bell Moto 3 on e-bay and its HUGE. No way the sizing is standard.....


  4. Couldn't find any previous posts on this and I realize the request sounds slightly silly.....and please, no need for costume site or concentration camp uniform links. You're funny, I get it.

    Looks like several Japanese companies make these, but has anyone seen them stateside? Some examples:



    Japanese companies that make them:




  5. Didn't see any threads on this.....

    Bought some Kuumba International sticks in Japan. Great stuff. Anyone familiar with any other good brands to check out?

  6. What did it look like before the work? I'd have a real hard time taking a vintage piece and turning it new again. Did you keep the original dial, hands, etc.?
    Fuck that's nice, england. glad you kept (out of choice/out of restrictions?) the bezel. acrylic or sapphire crystal?

    always love looking at restored pieces, before & after.

    Original Pics:



    My dad smashed it 30 years ago in India and the local Omega dealer put the wrong dial back in it for starters.

    The current condition of the watch included small crack in the crystal, the lume cracking and falling off the hands, brittle/broken pushers and crown, and several deep scratches on the case back and sides. Hands/DIal/Crystal/Pushers/Crown had to be replaced. No way to keep it 100% original except to buy a duplicate 1965 Speedmaster to scrap parts from.

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