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  1. These babies came in today. They're super lightweight as compared to the Suede and the Kudu Virgils, maybe because of the lighter sole. The regular Kangaroo Virgils, dark brown ones, are they also light in terms of weight?

    Yes, all the Kangaroo Virgils are super light.

  2. ^^^ I don't think so, I remember purchasing an ACR piece a couple seasons back from azita or firmament that probably had value around $600 and I had to pay customs around $50 I think.

  3. Hey guys quick question. Got my subnet order in from SS12 which was valued at 653 euros (about $850). Thought it was odd that I didn't have to sign or pay any customs when the package was delivered last week. This week I got hit with a $420 customs charge via UPS billing online. Are customs charges normally this high? Just want to double check before I pay it. Live is California btw.

  4. Akuma - I wear an 11 in kngr virgils and they fit pretty spot on, so I was thinking a 10.5 in grizz since they run larger. Maybe I will try to squeeze a 10 if I can find them in dark or light brown.

  5. Yeah I think the kngr virgils run pretty true. That being said, if I'm an 11 in Virgils (with a tad bit of room up front), should I size down to a 10 for grizzly's? Seems like most people say they run larger, especially in width. Guess the best bet to get them now is to hunt yahoojp...

  6. SIZING BATTLE! Gotta say, I'm on the side of people who insist their sizing is not consistant. While many models do fit similarly you cannot tell me that Logan Mids run the same as Folk FBTs for example. I do a 10 in Logan Mids, and can barely squeeze into an 11 for the Folks, could do a 12 easy. I believe Kiya even sold some white Logan Mids because he bought a 9 and they were too big.

    Outterwear has definitely gotten smaller as the seasons have progressed in my opinion. Specifically the Nomad. Even the zip hoodies have gotten smaller. I have an XL from like 08 that is waaaay bigger than a current XL. Not saying anybody is right or wrong, just my experience.

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