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  1. dnnsmanace, not bad, but i think composition cld be improved upon. for example, in the last photo, the kid could be placed on the extreme right of the frame, instead of close to dead centre, like most of your photos.

    having said all that, they aren't bad in their own right, dont get me wrong.. just thought i'd give an opinion.

    I agree with you. It was the first roll so composing on a square frame was a bit awkward and I've never really shot a manual cam (not an excuse huh) before so... It will be improved. Also, square makes me want to make everything geometric and proportional I dont know...

    Seven.homme, what film is that (what cam too?). Colors look great.


  2. About the previous photos, the trial was for Barkashov and three of his followers who were arrested for "attacking a police-officer". But he's famous for his ultra-nationalist political party of basically neo-nazis.


    From today:

    Alexei Frenkel, accused of ordering the murder of Russian Central Bank first deputy chairman Andrei Kozlov last September, walks through Basmanny Court after a hearing about extending his arrest for another three months.


    I think he was set up but what do I know...

  3. 38087385io0.jpg




    Guy with papers is a leader of a nationalist movement, Bortashov. He has signed agreeing not to leave so he isn't in the cage. I'm about to find out exactly what the crime is but I'll post when I found out. I think it has something to do neo-Nazism. This is Moscow by the way. Uncomfortable shoot... Verbal abuse from the guys in the cage, etc. Bortashov covered his face right away and that was the best shot I could get. He said he was going to leave the court if we didnt stop taking his photo. Then the court police said enough and told us to leave. Bortashov's driver came up to me to be "less obvious" in a "foreign town" (this is about two hours outside of Moscow because the case is in the area where the crime was comitted). This was basically a threat so I didnt wait much longer, packed up my gear and bounced. Crazy day...

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