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  1. My nephew, Gavin, still rockin his Levi's
  2. Hung out with my niece and nephew. Gavin: Levi's Selvage & Carhartt Nadiya: Jeggings (hahaha) Me: Eternal 811 & Doublexx
  3. My GF took my 3001's a couple weeks ago and now she won't give them back.
  4. SExFH05 3 soaks & 5 washes. They will be replaced on my rotation with the IH 666OD.
  5. @almostnice those look amazing!
  6. Me and my SExFH05 went to Spring Training in Scottsdale, AZ last week
  7. I hung out with my nephew over the weekend. He's still rockin his Levi's selvage and his mom just got him some black Levi's. From Saturday (sorry for the crappy phone pics) From Sunday
  8. I ordered the 666OD (sized up one) with HEMMING yesterday and I got an email this morning saying they were shipped. Wow that was fast! Thanks Paula @ IH for the extra denim scraps.
  9. i'm finding it hard to break in these Black Knights. anyone else feel the same?
  10. thanks for the + rep everyone. per ThinFinn's request...
  11. one happy family... my rotation for the past 2 years or so. Eternal 811, Samurai S0500XX, SExFH05 Eternal 811 Samurai S0500XX SExFH05
  12. good morning bump
  13. I'm selling my XX-007... if anyone is interested.
  14. I bought these from BIG a couple months ago. Little to no fading at all. I've only worn them maybe 10 days total. All measurements are done the BIG way. Waist: 30.5" Thigh: 10.5" inseam: 33" (Chainstitched by BIG) Leg Opening: 7.5" I'll take $220 or best offer shipped within the US. We can discuss shipping for international.
  15. I've been really diggin on the Stone IPA