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  1. VISVIM S/S 06 Catalog

    Those 7 Holes Mastermind Japan are super cool. Hope I can get a pair in June. Wondering how much they cost???
  2. Goro's Jewelry

    Check this out: http://www.5pr.net/goro/album.html
  3. Favorite Cologne

    Creed's Green Irish Tweed

    Boss suit that I got for my sister wedding that cost me around USD 1K.
  5. What mens jewelry are u wearing?

    Chrome Hearts, Goro's, and Crazy Pigs.
  6. moving to Hong Kong

    What's your budget?
  7. help!? Head Porter in Hong Kong??

    Hope you will have a nice trip in HK. If you need more info feel free to ask. Yes, maybe we can hang out...take care!
  8. help!? Head Porter in Hong Kong??

    you're welcome. Yes, I am from HK. I did not have a head porter backpack, but I have a 3-way porter bag that was around HKD 2000 when I got it last year. So, my guess for a HP backpack should be over HKD 2000. Again, hope this helps.
  9. help!? Head Porter in Hong Kong??

    There is no offical head porter shop. But there are 2 porter shops in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong. 1 inside SOGO department store. Hope this help!