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  1. i have got my fair share of mine!

    ".. though small, Singapore is a great place for people who are talented and dedicated. If you are born in America or Europe or even Japan, it will be an uphill battle."

    - John Clang

    ".. the important thing in the design world is to be always thinking of something that isn't already done."

    - Hussien Chalayan

    .. McFetridge draws inspiration from the huge stack of sketchbooks he collected over the years.

    “As a designer, you produce so much waste material. At least ten rough sketches precede every design. It’s such a waste to throw these away. I keep them all, and from time to time, I pick out a word of a line of approach from them, which inspires me into making something new. That’s how you can build a pathway for your own brain.â€

    - George McFetridge.

    ".. I draw my inspiration from seeing other people fail and succeed. When I see failure, I try to take notes from it and do better and learn a lesson from someone else's mistake. Or even my own. When I see success, it just inspires me as it would anyone else. Take Michael Jordan. He is success. He embodies success 100%. That's why he's so inspiring. People want to accomplish a fraction of what he did. So when I see another artist succeed, or a young entrepreneur, or anyone, really, it pushes me to do great things myself."

    - Chuck Anderson, NoPattern

    My mother was enormously supportive without qualification. She convinced me I could do anything. My father was more resistant. He represented the resistance of the world. My secret realization was that I could use my mother to overthrow my father. But I realized not long ago what I had not been willing to admit in my life, and that was a presence of my father in myself. It’s a complicated issue when your identification with your mother is so complete.

    - Extracted from Milton Glaser's interview

    "Everyone is Creative. The ones that aren't are just lazy."

    - Anonymous

    "In my head, there is always something beautiful and something ugly, which are equal," Takahashi says. "Simple beauty does not interest me. But just ugly does not interest me either."

    - Jun Takahashi

    "My life has been adventure, " he says. "I see people sleep-walk through life, assuming one identiry when they're 16 and sticking with it until they die; that's not me."

    - Patrick Wolf

    "A fashion that does not reach the streets is not a fashion."

    - Coco Chanel

    I want to be different. I refuse to conform. I hang the sign "FUCK THE DESIGN" in my studio. A very big sign. This it literally my motto.

    In my country, government encourages competition only, not individuality nor independent thinking, the education system tries to standardize every one. I want to change that.

    I love to design for children; I want to create bigger thinking space for the next generation."

    - Jun Takahashi, Under Cover

    "I know quite certainly that I myself have no special talents. Curiousity obsession and dogged endurance, combined with self-criticism have brought me to my ideas."

    - Albert Einstein

    "Design is the method of action."

    - Charles Eames


    - Jun Takahashi

    “If the work does not evoke reactions like

    surprise and desirability then it is not a strong piece of creation.â€

    - Theseus Chan, Work Advertising Pte Ltd

    "I don’t quit until I’ve won."

    - Kenya Hara, MUJI's Creative Director

    "My father, who was plain speaking and straight talking said, 'Isn't an artist a fellow who paints?' when told by one of my teachers that his son had the nature of an artist. It seemed I'd always been chasing after something, anything that might lead me into some more lit place, some unknown land downriver. I had not the vaguest notion of the broken world I was living in, what society could do with you."

    - Bob Dylan

  2. Is anyone feeling this?

    15 months on since its inception, Studio Privè has expanded its stable of six designers to include three more new talents. The closing of the Singapore Design Festival will see U’tter, N.ncha.nt, Fake, Demisemiquaver, iamwhoiam, Tangle, and new additions, Mad Dog’s Gang Men, Pettifogr, and Yoviajogia, presenting a mix of men’s and women’s collections. The Autumn/Winter’07-08 collection during this second presentation from Studio Privè is the culmination of 5 months of work from the designers, signaling the end of its first edition. Following the Showroom’s previous showing, these new collections promise more in terms of viable, differential designs (from themselves as well as market staples) and multifaceted sartorial ideas in a brazen show of independent confidence.





    More at http://anti-corporation.blogspot.com/2007/12/studio-prive-autumnwinter-2007-2008.html

    and their older at http://anti-corporation.blogspot.com/2007/12/studio-prive.html

  3. so is 46 fits like a medium or a large? I know japanese brand tend to run a size smaller, so if its a medium then its a small in US sizing? could u get measurments plz?

    not L i guess. Japanese has got crazy small build but here are the measurements anyway to help.


    Chest (Pit to pit) : 19 inches

    Length (Shoulder to waist) : 27 inches

    it's an extremely soft cotton with good collars and best fit that never goes out of shape. that's how Japanese quality tees are.

  4. two "new" stores at Haji lane

    Birdbrain 20. hajilane

    they have some photo print tees from several jap labels that are also in zozo. not sure of the price etc. lots of stuff in this store though, kinda messy

    Zionattic (2nd level of Niche) 34 hajilane

    streetwear - limited kid robot hoods, vans & more as well

    check it out.

    do they have vans low pressure? or any stores in singapore stock em?

  5. hi. anyone knows where to get clarks wallabee in sg? thks

    hi. there are everywhere actually. try penisular plaza level 2. the one with excelsior shopping centre and the one with funan too. the shoe shops has dr martens and clarks and timberland everything.

  6. 1394291243_de55e57422.jpg?v=0


    lad musician size 46. 85 usd shipped.


    uc long ears size L. 65 usd shipped.


    lee jeans, skinny stretchy size 27. 40 usd shipped.


    lee jeans, xstitched. washed indigo. size 29. 35 usd shipped.


    river island jeans. dark navy blue. ladies size 10, eur 36. 35 shipped.


    graniph tee. size L. 25 usd shipped.


    graniph tee. size L. 25 usd shipped.

  7. since this is a sg thread, i think it should be appro. to ask my questions here.

    where can i get some decent quality and not so pricey formal wear (incl. Shoes) in SG(besides G2000)? Any particular brand/s you guys can recommend? Best if can provide the location too.. 1 more question, where to get nice chinos here (need it for work)?

    Just realized that my wardrobe has Tees and Jeans only, not a single formal wear!!! (haha...)

    Anyhow, need to get all these before Tues..ARgh... Thank you and appreciate your help!

    well. bata has seriously nice oxford and suede shoes those like visvim. and getting formal wear i say dress shirts anywhere is a no because either the fit isn't good or the collars ain't good or it's too wide or too long. or the material doens't match with the expensive price. i'm into band of outsiders. apc. woods & woods or the projectshop brother's shirt fitting. the quality is awesome i must say. double collars, mandarin collars, patched on, cut and sew shirts, mix-match design shirt are the real thing.

    finally stumbled onto a nice informative thread on denims in singapore..:D

    guys, anywhere in sillypore to find AA tees?


    level 2 in far east plaza. stocks AA. probably the only shop.

    Hahahaha! How could you discredit our delicious local treat, the char sew pao. That guy's left leg looks broken :eek:
    Hmm. Not that common to see DH jeans in Singapore. He may even be a member of Superfuture!

    His fit is OK. He aint exacty fat and unless you are reed thin, DH jeans would look like that on a normal person. It looks like that on me, except it is more erm 'shapelier' on me.

    oh man. he's spoiling the whole image of how skinny people of dior homme people should be. shame on it! but who cares. he's not trying hard to be skinny anyway, he's wearing loose fit at least, not skin tight but still fat jeans.

    is the person on the left wearing imperials? indigo rinsed wash? or what do u call that?

    Anyone knows where they stock red cheap monday tights or red colordrives? I don't recall seeing red last time I was at Queen's Couture.

    get em online! cheaperrr

  8. i alter my own jeans and teeshirts though. haven't try shirts and dress pants yet because they always seems a hassle like u can't really get the best line out of em.

    anyway does anyway have drafting patterns on shirts? i feel like buying fabrics and start wondering and experimenting how to make em.

    and so far, i have make graphic prints for myself and a similiar impression of the dior homme's chalk tee too. granite works. and i'm going to try doing own colour fade like prada soon.

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