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  1. chase

    korea :: seoul :: general

    yes... right down the hill from the Leeum museum...
  2. chase

    FACETASM FW 2012-2013

    nice. hints of givenchy in this collection.
  3. chase

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    Chiangmai is fantastic, I left my heart there. Great food and agriculture produce. The food is very different from the spicy and sweet flavours of Bangkok, but more sweet and fragrant with lotsa natural herbs. The place to go in Nimman, something like an East Village. Soi 1 and 2 has this this really authentic place selling Chiangmai food. Every dish is delicious. Down the same road is this burger bar. For clubbing go to Warm up Cafe and Fabrique. Thai bands and electro hip hop. A whisky bottle costs only $20, what more you want in life? Lovely city!
  4. chase

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    For clubbing in Bangkok, I will suggest those more Thai sort of place. Where the rich hi-so Thais hang out. The HIPSTER party is this thing called DUDESWEET, yes with a name like that you have to be cool for school. haha. Check their facebook for the party schedule, usually takes place in an eclectic location every month. Indie post punk dance bands will be playing!! https://www.facebook.com/busypartyboy Check out Fallabella, which is a courtyard stage concept. The girls are from rich families and are very beautiful. Its like as if they are TV stars. https://www.facebook.com/100Rajdamri There is also this place called NUNGLEN in ekamai. Let me know if you have any questions on BKK.
  5. chase

    thailand :: bangkok :: general

    They are marked up. There is a high import tax on textiles. I once eyed a Yohji Yamamoto flare pants, this one below and its retailing for 1700 Singapore dollars. That probably amounts to 1200 USD? I think you are better off in Club 21 Singapore or other countries like Hong Kong during the sale.
  6. chase


    Pretty boring city. China has much to grow and develop.
  7. chase

    taiwan :: taipei :: shopping

    Just came back from Taipei. Fantastic city. Very charming, it has not lost its soul (unlike Singapore in many ways). It pays if you can speak Chinese or Tai-yu, everyone is friendly and honest. Great city. Wish I was living here. I got depressed after spending 5 days there. For a more mature crowd, do check out the cocktail bars. Barkode, W Hotel WOO bar and Marquee. Artefacts in Dong Qu or Cha Jie sells SILENT Damir Doma and many other interesting items and brands.
  8. chase

    singapore :: general

    I suppose there are nicer bars than MBS. Check out 1 Altitude, avoid fridays as the music is loud.
  9. chase

    singapore :: general

    Loof just reopened you can check it out. There is a cocktail bar thing going on too. Check out Bar Story at Haji Lane and Nektar at scotts road and tell me what you think.
  10. chase

    korea :: seoul :: general

    Gangnam is the place to go. Gangnam means south of the river. Above the river, it is more old and run down. Check out 10 Corso Como, lovely authentic italian food. Stay at Park Hyatt Seoul, man you dont wanna leave. And check out the Samsung Leeum Museum, filled with modern art. Check out the Rick Owens shop and the area around it.
  11. chase

    malaysia :: kuala lumpur :: general

    TO be honest, I dun think there is much shopping in KL. The only places to go are the Givenchy at Starhill gallery. Which is ok not the current Ricardo Tisci style, the more formal and older style. which is still ok. Check out the Pavillion across the road also owned by YTL Holdings. A place to stay at is Hotel Maya: http://www.wikichichi.com/travels/hotel_reviews/hotel_maya/review Which is the only boutique hotel thingy in KL. Right opp from Zouk.
  12. HI, Does anyone know the best place to shop and buy head porter stuff online? I found the below, looks fine. http://head-porter.org/home.htm Just to check for more alternatives.
  13. Check out www.instance.tv. Web 2.0 events, culture and urban entertainment. Think this is a good place to add events/ exhibition info and attendance. You can create events that you are going to, add your attendance, ask your friends along, see who is going, submit reviews and pictures. There is also a Wiki section, have to improve on this. +++ We live, thrive and fantasize now... This very instance. instance.tv is the global entertainment adventure for all of us who believe in the moment. We like to present to you. A powerful cross-media condense of TV broadcasts, live events, mobile updates, Internet wikis, blogs and DIY reader-driven content. instance.tv is the international broadcast community for us who wish to connect. Now
  14. chase

    4hero.Good Music.

    4hero is one of the best and greats of modern music. So many classics. All good and love.