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  1. Being a woman who frequents this site, I find it fascinating to see what brands stimulate conversation amongst you guys. Women don't find the need to log on to a message board and scour the globe for some limited edition _____ (fill in the blank) that was only released in the remote region of the Andes where you need an oxygen mask and a goat to purchase said item. We get together and go shopping. It has little to do with our desire to wear name brands or not and more to do with how we shop. Like a pack of wolves, or a lone soldier we set out on a mission to buy something in particular or to bullshit with are girls talking about y'all when we happen to come across something fabulous that we must own. Think of the most stylish women you know.... can you imagine all of them posting info on a message board about some hot new limited edition zac posen bag? No, one bitch will go buy it and tell her girls it was the last one. Ha. Or can you image us discussing the best way to wash a silk top. No. It’s absurd. That’s what ya'll do. I’m not knocking it, but that should sum up why the site is so male dominated.
  2. i've never tried them on. i'll check them out though...
  3. As far as denim goes I consider myself and expert on the topic considering I wear it almost everyday. With women a denim line will be popular based on how well it fits your ass/hips or lack there of. You all seem to love miss sixty when in all actuality they only fit chics who are lacking a curvy frame. As for apple bottoms/ecko/etc... the quality is crap as well as the fit. The five best denim lines for wash, fit, fade and wear. 1. Citizen of Humanity (a lil pissed cause they just changed the cut) 2. James Cured by Seun 3. True Religion (which they are now boot legin for $50, not mad at that) 4. Paper Denim 5. Dollhouse