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  1. edc [everyday carry] shaved my wife

    Been lurking, first edc post. What i carried out for a quick bite. -carabiner holder for iPhone and w keys attached -Swisstech utility key; Lacie iamakey; cheap light thing -Muji cardholder
  2. Denim in Singapore

    Doing a proxy service for Taiwan, if yall need something do let me know ya. http://forums.hardwarezone.com/showthread.php?t=1781707&page=1&pp=15 Cheers
  3. "Surrender 1939 bootcut repro" DJ_Flame, what are these?
  4. Bangkok Sneaker Shop

    Any idea where exactly to source for vintage denim? Or should one just throng the markets in search of them
  5. bum/waist/fanny/belt bag[s]

    nice idea dj, though somehow it seems more suited to the female kind. I use a headporter waist bag as a sling for daily items.
  6. Where in Bangkok can we source for such said jeans?
  7. Edwin 505 selvage

    Any help? They fit like 501s? slim? slight taper?
  8. Edwin 505 selvage

    Guys need some help here, how's the fit like on a vintage pair of these? and how much do you reckon it's worth?
  9. Spotted a ray-ban aviator with pink frames the other day, quite fresh i must say but you won't see me with them. Saw a pair of aviators in a mag worn on Nakata (the football player) with matte black outlines which i'm unable to source out, any ideas?
  10. Anybody know where to get APC denim in SG? And other gd places to source for men's denim?
  11. n3bp in NYC?

    tried on some and they fit real baggy, can't remember the model no. Do they have any slim fit ones? Any sites i can see the diff models?