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  1. Nobody can be as bad as sharpservice. Tons of people are complaining about them currently. I've been a long serving customer until they messed me around just before christmas and kept my money for 2 weeks without a refund and no replies to emails, and when I received a response it was 'stop emailing us'. Hide has gone down the gutter.

  2. need virgil's and hockney's cleaning --- both suede -- using sapphire but what is a good product to make them water proof and rejuvenate colour? virgil's are the tan suede one's released some years back....

  3. Unless those were resoled, I don't think that the hockney folk ever came out that type of outsole. Also, the heel counter doesn't look right.

    Exactly. The heel counter isn't right and the hockney folk were never released with that type of outsole. There are a lot of fake hockney folk's proliferating the market right now. Hideout only deal with legit products, sent directly from Vis. If you compare your's Winston with the ones above, you'll see the difference.

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342