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  1. i need a king kun.

    btw. there are some pretty good places to eat in the east village that are relatively new.

    +Neighborhood Ale House/Burgers


    ..and if you want to put the effort. The Guild in the Barrio Logan area (the next neighborhood south of convention center.

  2. here is a reply from monocle i got last week for those interested in earlier issues.

    Dear Mr. Edwin ******

    Thank you for your interest in Monocle. We can supply back copies of Monocle. Depending on where you wish for the magazine to be delivered, the cost is as follows (including postage and packaging): £10 - UK and Europe, £15 - USA, £20 - Rest of the World.

    If you wish to purchase back issues, please visit our website at www.monoclemagazine.com and follow the link marked "subscribe" please select the country you wish the magazine to be sent and select "continue" from here you can then choose the desired magazine. Please note we can only accept payment via credi card. Should you have further enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Yours sincerely,

    Ms Elin Holm

    Monocle Customer Service

  3. Im due for another pair of NS. im considering the Black Raw versions.... anyone know their stretch allowance? sorry if this has been mentioned. the search feature doesnt seem to work on my comp.

  4. ahh.. never caught that.. ill have to find that on youtube.

    i've noticed myself watching letterman a lot more as of late. leno has been yawns. The "In the year 2000" skits are my favorites along with the "interrupter" ones. Shit got me through college.


  5. How would you say the size fits? Do they run big or small? Definitely a good price on the shoes.

    Ive noticed with alot of visvim... including these... run a little bigger than they say. i bought these half a size smaller than i would wear in nike sb dunks (which seems to be the standard).