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  1. andreas

    japan :: tokyo :: shopping

    There are actually a few outlet locations across Japan. The one I once visited is in Karuizawa, a mountain resort that can be reached by Shinkansen from Tokyo (going onwards to Nagano). You'll find official outlets of established (Japanese) brands such as BEAMS, agnès b. and Jack Spade. Stock is somewhat mainstream but still good. http://www.karuizawa-psp.jp/info/f_en.pdf
  2. andreas

    Shopping St Petersburg

    Try out the following stores: Kulturra @ Passazh Shopping Mall Nevskiy Prospekt 48 http://www.kulturra.ru Komissionka No. 1 (primarily vintage but also new designs) Ulitsa Karavannaya 2
  3. andreas

    Athens, Greece. Cool stores or something?

    Definitely check out the Number 3 store in the Kolonaki area: http://www.number3store.com
  4. andreas

    Amsterdam Hostel/room for 2 peeps

    Hey, Check out Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark: http://www.stayokay.com/index.php?pageID=3207&hostelID=356022 Best, Andreas
  5. andreas

    vacation advice superthread

    Beirut for sure. Although the number of tourists is growing fast, it doesn't have that overexposed touristy vibe (yet). Five-star accommodation galore, great food, a booming nightlife that'll stun even the most jaded, beaches + beach parties nearby and plenty of high-end stores to burn cash. Next to that there are plenty of sights to see. Have fun.
  6. andreas

    Hiroshima Hit List

    Check Colette for high-fashion in Hiroshima... http://colette.co.jp/
  7. andreas

    Where to go in Moscow

    Check out the following shops for hot local brands: Mesto 3 Petroverigsky Pereulok (Kitay Gorod area) Twin Shopp inside Solyanka club (Kitay Gorod area) Solyanka Ulitsa 11/6 Fork Forever (Basmanniy area) Nizhniy Susalniy Pereulok 5/9 As for clubbing: Solyanka is a must-see! Solyanka Ulitsa 11/6
  8. andreas

    Monocle's Top 25 Most Liveable Cities

    I'm surprised that my very own Sin City is ranked no. 21 ;-)
  9. andreas

    Shizuoka Japan: Where to shop?

    Hi, I'm not much of a Bape fan but if I were heading for Shizuoka, I'd shop here: Ambiance http://www.think-er.com/cgi/index.pl?SHOP=3 Soup http://www.think-er.com/cgi/index.pl?SHOP=5 Best, Andreas
  10. andreas

    Amsterdam in January

    Check http://www.amsterdamweekly.nl for general suggestions
  11. andreas

    Julius S/S 08

    Hi, Do you know the name of Julius' designer? Thanks.
  12. andreas

    Worst major Asian city

    Jakarta may be rough 'n tough for the uninitiated but it certainly isn't the worst major Asian city. I'd say Singapore...way too clean and too regulated ;-)
  13. andreas

    italy :: rome :: general

    Try the multi-brand Gente men's fashion store on Via del Babuino 185. Fab store!
  14. andreas

    Anyone been to Capri?

    Unless you've rented a gorgeous villa on the island, it's all about going to the blue grotto (not that interesting), hanging out at the sometimes very crowded beach and powershopping at the island's many high-end designer boutiques.
  15. andreas

    denmark :: copenhagen :: general

    Downtown Copenhagen is so small. Yes, it's nearby.