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///// supertalk 8 /////

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ok.. that update was quicker than i expected..................!!
out at dinner soon... will check in later ...

UPDATE 02/10/2023
---> everything seems stable 🤷‍♂️. even classifieds works smoothly for the first time EVER. I'm still toggling between 4.7 default and superfuture layout... and interested to hear any feedback - since i'm only working from macbookpro and haven't seen it on a desktop yet.

---> huge thanks to mr.t who has done an incredible job of managing this insanely complex upgrade 🙋‍♂️

---> post any bugs 🐞, issues, questions 🗒️, feedback, donations 💰 on the OFFICIAL //// supertalk 8 //// thread ↙️

UPDATE 01/10/2023
---> temporarily running from the default layout 4.7 as the superfuture 4.7 layout is temporarily screwed.
You can toggle between the themes at bottom of page when logged in.


Screenshot 2023-09-30 at 8.09.53 PM.png

---> still working on it with MR.T the techmeister titan from Taalin. Might be a few temporary bumps and crashes over the next few days as we try to get a few other things working. If the layouts break you can always use this 4.7 - default theme. It appears to be very clean and stable. Once the superfuture 4.7 theme is fixed then that might be better option. (main difference is styling and a wider screen). will keep both options available to members. both have their pros and cons.

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