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wish i was in



Found 4 results

  1. Everyone, David from Worn Out Global here. I wanted to announce our Thursday February 23 meetup. We're actually going to be hosting it at Blackhorse Lane Ateliers, London's sole denim factory. It's a really cool space, perfect for a denim meetup. Come on by, though note that the event is bring-your-own-beer Meetup Event Details Thanks, David
  2. I'm pretty new to SuFu, but I've already met some cool folks through it. I see there's a now defunct meetup topic for SF. Rather than revive it (not sure what the attitude here is on thread necromancy) I thought I'd start a new one. Happy to yield to any senior SuFu members who want to take over, but I thought it'd be good to get the ball rolling. Anyway, what do y’all in the bay think of meeting up in San Francisco some weekend? Was thinking we could meet mid afternoon on a Saturday somewhere public like Dolores Park, Union Square, or Alamo Square. Hang there a bit, then take over a bar. Any interest?
  3. skeetinmynose

    job opening

    supertrash is currently seeking a passionate individual to join an expanding division within the forum as an "autist". Do you find yourself tossing and turning in your sleep, wondering what happened to superfuture user mass? Have you spent hours researching the influence of wEstSidE? Do you refer to superfuture users by their first name because you found them on Facebook or on the explore page on Instagram? Do you have an anime avatar? Find that you can't stop thinking about an obscure third-world designer? You might be an "autist"! Duties and Responsibilities: extensive knowledge of superfuture history and ability to recall past events and posts as if you were present (ex. "remember that time mass hung out with sidneylo in new york in 2008? good times hah") critiquing waywt posts for historical and contextual accuracy complimenting waywt poster's body parts knowing intimate details about specific superfuture users posting minimum 10 posts daily, creation of obscure threads in other subforums maintaining dead city/meet-up threads writing minimum 1000 word essay posts on subjects such as: "my personal style evolution", "fuuma's pants: to pleat or not to pleat", "why ramen sucks" bumping 2 year old threads incorrectly using terminology: "fuckboi", "goaty" defending superfuture from dangerous compilation picture threads and malicious cross-forum invaders frequenting and researching other forums, including, but not limited to: stylezeitgeist, r/malefashionadvice, 4chan /fa/, hypebeast, caretags special project: quitting superfuture and returning with a new bully internet persona (project timeframe 1-2 years) Competencies: friendly internet social skills (poor real-life social skills highly desirable) basic grammar and comprehension not required, but will help in writing essay posts ability to recite your cranium circumference on command propensity to type superfuture usernames in bold stubborn and unable to take feedback from others Education and Experience: newly registered users preferred users older than 6 months must have >1000 post count maximum 5 months internet fashion experience minimum 20 yjp/rakuten searches per day We offer a friendly working environment, great benefits, and world-class training from superfuture autists and historians. Apply within thread with a minimum 200-word post detailing why you feel you deserve this title and quote your favorite fuuma picture. Attach any gold star posts with your resume. Have a Blessed Evening, skeetinyournose senior cav empt autist
  4. neptunecitylocal

    NYC Meetup

    Hey all, I dug around for a general NYC meetup thread to no avail. Anyway, I'll be flying out from SF on the 6th. My bf will be showing his latest collection Feb. 7 during fashion week. heading back on the 10th. If anyone can make it out to the show, that'd be awesome. Otherwise only plans for now besides that is to get pizza on Friday at some point with wild_style and drinks/debauchery saturday with mrchariybrown, royalefatale, and others. Sidenote edit: I don't know any chicks out there. Invites I already sent out made it seem like a straight sausage fest. Holleur.