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wish i was in



Found 9 results

  1. variegate

    Ask an Apple Nerd.

    I have a retarded amount of Mac/Apple/iPhone/iPad/OS X/etc knowledge about technical information, historical information, current rumors, OS 9 through OS X, iPhones, iPad, apps, applications, Adobe apps, design software, editing software, photography, etc. Please make my retarded technical information useful as I don't know what to do with it. Either technical help, spec information, technical explanations, recommendations, etc Also have a lot of experience with Adobe apps, mostly Photoshop but also Illustrator, Flash, Lightroom, etc. Aperture & Final Cut also. Ask me (almost) anything.
  2. I bought a few cases from the Premium Label site and have 5 left 2 Black and 3 White. The have been sold out for a month. Here is a special stocking stuffer or last minute gift for those who missed out on the release. $20-ea Will Ship anywhere. just add the shipping fee. Thanks Guys!
  3. Cash ready for an iPhone. Post up what you have! PM me your best price and all info and I will get back to you. Thanks
  4. ulysses?

    WTB: iPad 2 (Wifi only)

    like the title says, i'm lookin to buy an ipad 2 (wifi only). preferably the 16GB version. hit me up if you're lookin to sell!
  5. (1) EXCELLENT condition, BLACK iPhone 4 32GB (Updated to the latest firmware *iOS 6*) with a CLEAN ESN THIS PHONE IS READY TO BE ACTIVATED WITH VERIZON TODAY Also included: (1) Apple OEM box (1) Pair of White Apple earbuds (1) USB wall charger (1) USB charging cable Original manuals, documentation, etc. SHIPS USPS PAYPAL ONLY US ONLY
  6. akuma no uta

    FS: 27" iMac i5 model from 2011 $1500

    Gotta sell this, as I'm moving and I can't find space for it/never really use it besides watching movies. Pretty much brand new, bought in January, newest model of iMac available. Keyboard is a bit dirty, shoot me an email at Ian.m.wagner AT me.com for pictures and stuff, and offers. Box, papers and everything still in it, plus still under warranty. PLEASE DO NOT PM ME ABOUT THIS, EMAIL ME ABOUT THIS.
  7. Buffalo Will

    [fs/ft] $456 Apple gift cards

    please delete; sold
  8. emrinderForgotHisPassword

    Apple iPad 2 64gb almost completely unused.

    yo maybe cop my gf's fresh to death pretty much unused only tried out ipad 2 GB. Retail for new one's is around 550-600. I'm seeling it for $450 because it comes with an aftermarket 10w charger not the original and also because it still is used (albeit sparingly).
  9. Hi, I'm looking for a macbook(older model, or recent both considered), air and pro are fine too, I would mainly consider a trade: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/131450-ccp-luc-doma-undercover/page__fromsearch__1 I have more stuff that I need to upload, But if you have one for a reasonable price, please let me know Thanks