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wish i was in



Found 12 results

  1. Bag is BNWT with original packaging and spec sheet. It's the original Limonta version, rather than the newer Xpac variety. Asking 350 GBP shipped in the UK. International shipping rates vary from 10 to 20 GBP, depending on location. Contact me for details!
  2. FS: Acronym P10-S, black, size M, full bag/carabiner/spec etc, SS16, 8.5/10 condition, slight fading from cleaning otherwise great condition. $520 Label Under Construction, topstitch free pants, black, size 50, with tags, good condition. $260 Label Under Construction, tussah silk blazer, black/grey, size 50, with tags, great condition. $340 Label Under Construction, double layer screenprinted shirt, black/beige/white, size 52 (fits 48-50), as new with tags. $400 Links to Grailed above include measurements and descriptions etc. All prices without shipping from EU and 4% PP fees. Generally around $30 tracked worldwide. Also potentially interested in trades for Arc'teryx Veilance in black size M/L (primarily Indisce/Voronoi AR pants, Arris jacket, Monitor +/-IS coat)
  3. this one thanks
  4. Nullsleep

    WTB: Acronym J32-GT in sz. S/M

    Looking for J32-GT in sz. S/M Serious interest. Hit me up.
  5. teddybonkers

    Buying Acronym 3A-1Bag

    PM me if you're interested in selling.
  6. Paypal payment only: Send money as gift or pay 4% fee. Shipping: Domestic shipment $15 for ACR BAG. PM me if you're a serious inter buyer. ACRONYM 3A-5TSR Condition: 9.5/10 (minimal signs of wear on the white cotton sides). Instructions not included. SOLDDDDDDD More info: http://www.acronym.de/product.php?id=534
  7. Selling my brand new Acronym CH-J3B Colour: Black Size: Small Price: US$ 1000 including shipping and paypal fees. Negotiable. I can do meetups in Melbourne this December. Accepting trades for 3rd arm stuff (3A-1, 3A-5TSR, 3A-5TS) and leather Virgils in US8
  8. 20hundred

    FS: Acronym 3A-3TS

    delete / SOLD
  9. RunnerAAA

    FS: 4 pairs of New Acronym Pants

    Love these pieces, but unfortunately the medium pair is a bit too small and the larges are too big (I'm a 32 waist). ACR-FW-0708 E-P4, BLK (M), $500 USD + shipping Like New. Original bag and tags. ACR-SS-12 P9-E, Olive (L), $500 USD + shipping Brand New. Original bag and tags. ACR-SS-12 P9-E, BLK (L), $500 USD + shipping Brand New. Original bag and tags. ACR-FW-1213 P9-S, BLK (L), $500 USD + shipping Brand New. Original bag and tags.
  10. drgitlin

    FS: Acronym GT-J22 BNWT

    Brand new Acronym GT-J22, size M. Acronym GT-J22 by Dr JonboyG, on Flickr Acronym GT-J22 by Dr JonboyG, on Flickr $1170 + shipping
  11. FunkyFrenchy

    ACRONYM bag & parka + DH + ACNE

    hi, up for sale an acr bag and parka. -BAG- don't remember form witch season, the condition is really good, except one letter of the "3RDARM" logo is starting to peel of. 299€ http://i244.photobuc...ySF/photo-4.jpg http://i244.photobuc...ySF/photo-3.jpg http://i244.photobuc...ySF/photo-2.jpg http://i244.photobuc...e_acr_ret-9.jpg http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg9/FunkyFrenchySF/photo.jpg -PARKA- GT-J12 from firmament : Possibly the lightest WWB trenchcoat available. Full length weather protection with a fight night weight of 412g. Gore-Tex® Paclite keeps things comfortable and dry. ACRONYM® Interops keeps things out of sight and at the ready. Rapid deploy from all 3rd Arm INTEROPS bags. FABRIC TECHNOLOGY: GORE-TEX® PACLITE Guaranteed To Keep You Dry® Pockets: 5 external / 0 internal Sizes (cm) M 1/2 Chest: 60 Length: 100 Shoulder: raglan Sleeve: 65.0 399€ http://i244.photobuc...e_acr_ret-2.jpg http://i244.photobuc...e_acr_ret-3.jpg http://i244.photobuc...nte_acr_ret.jpg http://i244.photobuc...ySF/photo-5.jpg http://i244.photobucket.com/albums/gg9/FunkyFrenchySF/photo-6.jpg -DIOR- Sneakers, size 39, will fit US8, lanvin 6, MMM 41 and so on. outsole : 28cm. 299€ http://i244.photobuc...e_acr_ret-6.jpg http://i244.photobuc...e_acr_ret-5.jpg -ACNE- Bomber size 46 229€ http://i244.photobuc...ente_acne-6.jpg http://i244.photobuc...ente_acne-2.jpg -ANN D- Coat, size small really good condition, wonderful thick fabric, made in Italy 299€ http://i244.photobuc...SF/photo-11.jpg http://i244.photobuc...SF/photo-10.jpg http://i244.photobuc...ySF/photo-9.jpg http://i244.photobuc...ySF/photo-8.jpg