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Found 105 results

  1. A Diciannoveventitre/A1923 Long, high-neck, English cotton coat. Black. Scar stitching on back and shoulders. Wood buttons. https://www.grailed.com/listings/719651-A1923-High-Neck-English-Cotton-Jacket Carpe Diem Lamb leather shirt. Brown. Metal buttons. Fits 50, slim 52. https://www.grailed.com/listings/719654-Carpe-Diem-Brown-Lamb-Leather-Shirt-Jacket Diet Butcher Slim Skin Destroyed cotton denim biker jacket with removable sleeves. Black. Fits 48-50 https://www.grailed.com/listings/473046-Diet-Butcher-Slim-Skin-Destroyed-Denim-Biker-Jacket-Vest
  2. All items will be shipped from Europe. Shipment and fees will be added to the final price Price is fixed so don't try negotiate it. All photos are of the actual item for sale I'm willing to trade ONLY with these items: CCP: AM/2608T ROOMS-PTC/10 7, GM/2622B WIM/10 4648, LM/2599 CORS-PTC/10 4648 For faster response and more information: [email protected] For sale is: Rick Owens Cargobaskets in black 42, without box and laces in good condition. Rick Owens Scarpa sneakers in black 42, with box, with signature staples on the back in good condition. Guidi 788z in black donkey leather size 42,5 (fits 41,42), with box and bag in good condition. Maurizio Amadei MA+ double layered back zip boots size 42 in good condition. Paul Harnden Shoemakers tweed blazer in jet black size large (fits 46 small 48) in good condition, though a little hole inside (see pic). Carol Christian Poell CCP Object Dyed Meltlock Prosthetic Titanium blazer in black size 46, NWT + rice-bag and hanger. Carol Christian Poell CCP Object Dyed Folded derbies size 7, in good condition without rice-bag and insoles. 600 575 550 525 500 euros 900 875 850 825 800 euros SOLD! 1400 1375 1350 euros SOLD! SOLD! SOLD!
  3. http://archivesf.com/collections/a-diciannoveventitre/products/black-buffalo-leather-trainers Looking to buy a used pair of A1923 buffalo trainers in all black buffalo or brown with black sole size 42 or since his sizes vary I need a 30cm outsole. Same or similar iteration as the posted link. Seriously looking not browsing and will pay up for them. Cheers
  4. 1. Augusta Thermic Cordovan Boots Bought these from Atelier a while back. Vibramed since day one. The color is black/brownish. Cool feature of the boots is that it temporarily changes colors when heat is applied. Color changes to a blueish/green. Info Color: Black Size: 8 fits more like a 9 for me Material: Horse cordovan Condition: Used but in great condition Comes with the box if you like. Asking Price: $1600 via Paypal gift or an additional 4% otherwise ($1664). Does not including shipping cost 2. CCP War Coat For sale short version of the coat. Comes with Rice Bag. Info Size: 46 Color: Dark grey Condition: Used in great condition Asking price: $1800 via paypal gift or an additional 4% otherwise ($1872). Inquire about shipping fee for this item 3. CCP Breadstrick Trousers Overdyed black, medium weight trousers. Worn frequently. I believe it was torn near the crotch but was repaired by none other than Zamb. Info Size: 48 Color: Black Material: Alt-Ptc/11 Condition: Used comes with metal tag Asking price: $500 via Paypal gift or an additional 4% otherwise ($520)
  5. Loads of stuff available on Grailed: https://www.grailed.com/users/46972-derrider/wardrobe
  6. SOLD: M_MORIA BOOTS: AA_Dve, CALF SOLE, BLACK SHELL, SIZE 43 Up for sale are these incredible M_Moria boots: Handmade by one of the greatest craftsman out there....This is the most classic 'workboot' shape of his offering, with the highest quality and most expensive option of 12 month oak bark Calf soles....The black shell horween leather is like nothing you will find on any other boot out there....its will only get better with age.... Worn twice, but I need to size up unfortunately due to wearing insoles. Little more needs to be said...my loss is your gain.... Outsole: 31cm Sole width: 10cm Total height: 16cm
  7. Please check my Grailed listing. ・Rick Owens Geobasket Black / Milk - Sz. 41 https://www.grailed.com/listings/148347-rick-owens-geobaskets-black-milk ・A1923 Canvas over Leather Boots - Sz. 43 SOLD ・Rick Owens DRKSHDW Dropcrotch Pants - Sz. S https://www.grailed.com/listings/148332-rick-owens-drop-crotch-drawstring-pants ---------------- Thanks.
  8. SOLD: a beautiful pair of very rare Carol Christian Poell workboots.... COMBAT SOLE / NON-DRIP / NON-TITANIUM Model Code: AM/2684 Leather: BIUS-PTC (bison) Colour: 010 (black) Size: UK9 (good for sz43/US10 with insoles and sz44/US11 without) These are in perfect condition. No issues. Beautiful thick textured bison leather with a perfectly even black dye job throughout. I'm a sz9 in CCP tornadoes and derbys, and a sz43 in Augusta and MA+ These work perfectly on me with a decent insole and will also work on a sz44. Outsole measures 32.3cm - fits a touch shorter as the sole adds a bit to the measurement. Comes with everything: Bag, tags and unused insoles SOLD
  9. Hi, Up for sale or for thread some items I haven't worn much lately. I'd mainly be interested in trade for: Paul Harnden jacket(medium/large) Junya Watanabee stuff Raf Simons knits from 06-09 era(especially chunky's one) Common project sneakers to fit 11/12 Some pictures are underexposed, I can take new pictures in case of interest Rick Owens Long Funnel Neck Jacket (from 2008 stag iirc) Super rare piece, beautiful texture (LNB Code - Blistered Leather/Neoprene materials) Very good condition, size small fits a bit bigger than usual rick Still unsure if I will sell it. Fits true 46(the best) or small 48 Price 1200USD -> 1050 USD -> Final Price: 900 USD
  10. Selling stuff for subsistence costs to aid in my Norwegian survival. Prices don't include shipping. Within Norway is cheap, but outside is £40 if you want it sent with insured shipping, £15-25 without. Message me if you want a quote. Please add 4% to all prices(incl. sending) for paypal costs. Thanks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boris Bidjan Saberi Waxed Jacket - £350 Size small Fits a 46 perfectly with a little room. Chest – 49cm Length of back – 68cm Length of front – 73cm Length of arm – 51cm From 09/10, presumably the S/S season due to the jacket’s light construction. Rare – I struggled to find pictures of it in online! Please note: first 4 images are of the actual jacket. The others I have found on the internet of identical or very similar jackets. The jacket is consists of two layers – waxed cotton outer and un-waxed inner. From the waist, the jacket creates a perfect straight line so that around upper-torso the chest/throat part of the jacket is more roomy and can either drape beautifully when worn upon (almost ‘peeling’ to either side), or covers the chin (with space for a scarf, or suchlike). Under layer is meant to be frayed and distressed and can be tucked away and hidden inside the front and the arms of the jacket if desired. Has been worn a fair amount. In very good condition. Some stitching has come away at the pockets, but should be easy to fix if desired. Probably about 7.5/10 condition. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/_572_zpse6fe7fdc.jpeg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/_57_zps91c231c2.jpeg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/DSCF1518_zpsae51e632.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/DSCF1519_zps8c5fe23d.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/DSCF1520_zpsad008c6d.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/DSCF1521_zps97dd126d.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20Waxed%20Jacket/5763d9bb-s_zpse6282406.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Label Under Construction Jumper - £160 Approx. size – 46/48 Chest – 53cm Length from neck – 70cm Arm length – 55cm Not quite sure of the material. Might be a merino wool blend. The garment is moderately thick and warm. This jumper is designed to age and change its look. Some parts of the jumper are beginning to separate (as intended) and wear up nicely and there are some small holes under one armpit where the material is thinning. Still loads of wear left and you needn’t wear it both ways if the more ‘destroyed’ look isn’t for you. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/LUC%20Jumper/DSCF1525_zpsee3d6553.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/LUC%20Jumper/DSCF1524_zps55cbed64.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/LUC%20Jumper/DSCF1523_zpsc9ed54a1.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/LUC%20Jumper/DSCF1529_zps4e1fd521.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/LUC%20Jumper/DSCF1528_zpsf737dcf6.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/LUC%20Jumper/DSCF1527_zps15ff09bc.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Paul Harnden Waxed Jerkin - £500 Size: Small (fits extra small) Super rare. Heavily waxed cotton jacket. Good against the rain. Double zip for you can wear it in slightly different ways. Completely lined in black cotton. Big back pocket as with Harnden’s other jerkin models. Chest – 47cm Length of back – 66cm Length of front – 60cm Length of arm – 44cm In excellent condition. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Paul%20Harnden%20Waxed%20Jacket/DSCF1510_zps0e321890.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Paul%20Harnden%20Waxed%20Jacket/DSCF1511_zpsbe2a2811.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ann Demeuelmeester Sandals - £230 Size: 44. Absolutely classic design, sold out very quickly in most shops. I have worn them a hand-full of times, they had many admirers literally every time I wore them. There is some minor wear on the toe with the usual slight wear on the black inner, structurally perfect. There was a small leather insert in placed in the heal of the shoe which I’ve taken out. The leather needs a clean where it has been – I’ll try to do some before they’re sent. They will come with the original dust-bag. http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Ann%20D%20Sandals/AnnDsandals.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Ann%20D%20Sandals/IMG_3158.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Ann%20D%20Sandals/IMG_3159.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Ann%20D%20Sandals/AnnDsandals2.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Boris Bidjan Saberi Boiled Wool Zip-Up - £270 http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/BBS%20zip-up/DSCF1515_zps89baa04c.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Linea Length-Adjusting Linen Trousers - £270 A pair of Linea trousers. I think they were originally used as cases/bags for leather trousers, but they are a masterpiece in their own right and quite possible to wear as the ultimate stacking trouser, or a looser linen trouser. The thing that made me acquire these from the seller I purchased a load of rare stuff from in Perugia (who presumably bought up some stock of Carpe Diem and Linea) was the quite incredible pulley-line system running from the waistline down through a little seam on the inside of each leg. When pulled, the cords cause the material to bunch up quite evenly (and can be modified in spread along the seam as to your wishes). This should be an addition to more trousers! The material is a grey over-dyed linen. In very good condition - material is perfect and the bunching system on both works perfectly although the plastic end stopping the line being pulled up into the seam of the trouser has come off on some of the legs, but this isn't a major problem - I improvised with a paper clip. They have ties around the waist that can function to keep the waist up (if you're slightly smaller). The tightness of the legs really depends on how much bunching you want and how you alter the pulley system running up and down the seams on the inside of the legs, which in turn aids the bunching. I have chosen to shift them on because I need the money, having held onto them for 4 years without ever getting around to using the small amount of time it would take to make them easily practical. I wore them out in public twice. They will fit a 31-33 waist. Length wise, they'll fit anything. When I hold the trousers up, they go from my neck to the floor - that's how much stacking-action can happen! http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Linea%20Trousers/IMG_1264_zps2f0e4bc4.jpg http://i278.photobucket.com/albums/kk95/johnny_herb/Linea%20Trousers/IMG_1271_zps7b13f99c.jpg
  11. all item locate in the UK,faster response pls contact [email protected] no trade unless i mentioned,or if u have items in the WTB list below 2.rickowens FW14 mollino pale grey in 46 or 48 3.julius jut neck goat leather from aw10 in sz1 TAKING OFFERS!! layer0 boot SOLD rick leather sz46 SOLD a1923 combat boot sz42 SOLD rick owens geobasket sz42 SOLD BBS aw14 p13r SZ S SHORTENED TAPERED SOLD layer0 ankle boots sz 41 SOLD Lanvin Captoes 275USD great condition https://www.grailed.com/listings/89752-lanvin-black-captoes-fits-42 ccp boot sz7 in colour 19 dark grey kangaroo leather KEEP https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/16121824317/in/photostream/ this is a really thick kangaroo leather,stiff and juicy, bought 1360 gbp in library1994,its too big,dont wear it much,i would accept trading this one with a same colour in any leather in sz6,colour 33 would be fine as well Thom Browne Blazer sz1 850USD bought 1650gbp,had been professional tailored to fit a slim 46 perfectly instead of the thom browne box fit,taged size 1 https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15837180813/ Inaisce blazer sz2, 490USD BRAND NEW ,actual color is dark gray,better image now https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/15834701804/in/photostream/ WTB: 2.rickowens bauhaus in 48 gray or black,best if u have it in thick calf 3.julius jut neck goat leather from aw10 in sz1
  12. Looking for a pair of BLACK derby in size 41 by MA+ / Layer-0 / a1923 / CCP / Augusta / C diem Any condition or leather except suede is fine, pm me details and photos used to wear guidi 41 / ccp 6 Thanks and cheers
  13. Moved: http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/158430-fs-ph-a1923-linea-luc-bbs-is-lmaltieri-v-a/
  14. Collectible CARPE DIEM jacket up for sale! Super RARE, Super HIGH quality Japanese linen, 4 layers Jacket (please see pictures for details). This jacket is extremely hard to track, this is your only chance to grab it. Features: - Size 2 - Collar to bottom: aprox. 30 inches - Pit-to-pit: aprox. 22 inches - 4 buttons - Open hems - Jacket composed by different linen parts, linen has different colors in each part, beautifully constructed - Jacket can be worn inside-out (different material composition: Japanese linen and cotton) - 5 pockets in total, 2 each side (can be worn inside-out), 1 chest pocket Jacket will be shipped via FedEx with tracking number (within USA), please contact me and sort things out if you are residing outside USA. I am asking for US$1350. No return please (its a private sales), so please ask me any questions or for more pictures before you made a decision. Thank you very much and happy shopping! **Please note: Actual color seems to be darker than in the pictures shown**
  15. Delivery cost and taxes are included in all prices. Rick Owens A/W 11 Sneakers. Size 41. WAS 550 EUR, NOW 250 EUR Condition 7/10. Rick Owens x Adidas runners S/S 14 in black color. Size 41. 250 EUR Condition 9/10
  16. G'day all I'm interested in seeing if anyone on sufu has the same shoe size problems as me and are willing to sell any true euro 46/47 boots or sneakers. I'd love anything from Guidi and Augusta to Rick and Cinzia (cordovan boots, hi tops, backzips etc) and don't mind what condition they are in PM me with details, pictures and suggested prices if you'd like. If any of you have these items, let's get married: --- Guidi 988 in a 47 --- --- Guidi 994T in a 47 --- --- Cinzia Araia concealed double zip boots in 46 --- --- Any zipped or black & laced boots from a1923 in 46~47 --- eg --- Yours truly - Rick Geobastards in US 12 or 13 --- --- Y-3 qasa high 46~47 --- Cheers, swede
  17. WTB: size 46-47 shoes

    I'm a size 46-47 and it's very difficult to find shoes that fit. Looking for any shoes (preferably boots, maybe derbies) of the artisinal kind: CCP, A1923, Carpe Diem, MA+ etc. you know what I mean. Guidi 788 "backzips" are grail Please let me know. Thanks
  18. new stuff bbs p14-f1291+f189 size large - $650 60% cotton 40% linen fully lined in cotton waxed and oiled black finish. this is one of the nicest and most interesting fabrics i have ever seen. and great for cooler months. heavy and fully lined. built to last forever. fit is a slouchy anti-fit with slim legs and calf. retail - $1220 bbs bamba 1 size 45 - $650 fits a 44 material is blistered lamb with rubber detail metal eyelets, rubberized aglets, low instep, slightly upturned toe, shape is based on a boot last, removeable insole, concealed lacing soles are in great shape, heel tap for protection from day 1 retail - $1380 my own pics are forthcoming here is a link to the album. the purge all prices are before shipping and paypal fees. sorry for the poor quality photos, especially on the pants. please trust that all items are in excellent condition. many of the tops have never been worn. jackets m.a+ aviator - $900 heavy japanese cotton jersey. black (looks kinda black/grey). size 52, fits true to size. pretty warm. amazing fabric and perfect condition. m.a+ double layer outer pockets jacket - sold heavy japanese cotton jersey with wool inserts and extended sleeve. sleeves are lined. size 54, fits 52. pretty warm. amazing fabric, carbon color, and perfect condition. rick owens soft blazer. - sold black. wool/silk fabric. as new condition but slightly tapered in the body. paul harnden unlined norfolk - sold black with very faint and very thin multi colored pinstripes. almost unnoticeable. size xl. fits a 52. i had this tapered in the body. it was cut too full and looks 1000% better now. boris bidjan saberi hand dyed horse hide leather jacket - sold size xl, fits a 52. hand dyed and hand stitched horse leather. stunning piece that currently retails for $4,800. J2 F235 tops rick owens merino wool knit sweater in dark shadow size xl - sold current season versions priced at $600 to $800 or more. this is a soft, luxurious fabric. the color is a true dark shadow. that gray/purple bruise color. boris bidjan saberi long sleeve knit/tee - sold size xl. black. cotton/cashmere. thumb hook rather than gloved sleeve. i had this one shortened because it was far too long. it is now the length of a standard bbs tee, so still long. boris bidjan saberi long sleeve tee - sold size xl. brand new never worn. cotton/cashmere. gloved sleeve. boris bidjan saberi double layer long sleeve knit/tee - sold size xl. this one is two layers of fabric fused together. the outer layer is spongey and designed to erode. the inner layer is the standard bbs cotton/cashmere fabric. raw asymmetrical hem. gloved sleeve. inner strap. awesome. boris bidjan saberi ninja hooded long sleeve tee - sold size xl. cotton/cashmere. gloved sleeve. totally awesome. worn once. boris bidjan saberi short sleeve tee - sold brand new never worn. cotton/cashmere. a classic. bottoms boris bidjan saberi p13 f178 - sold size L fits a 50. black. classic. taped seams. these have seen a good bit of wear, but still lots of life in them boris bidjan saberi p11 f178 - sold another classic. black size L fits a 50/52. very little use. in like new condition. boris bidjan saberi p14 f1904 - sold size L fits a 50. black. one of bbs most expensive fabrics. richly dense and dark black. barely used. this model is pretty rare boris bidjan saberi p1 f1904 - sold size xl fits a 50/52. same amazing fabric and again barely used. google zam barrett soft j pant - sold black size 50, fits true. very nice soft and warm cotton. a perfect fall winter pant. shoes a1923 kangaroo leather sneaker with ankle straps - sold size 44, fits true. like new condition. with heel tap. an amazing shoe that will last forever. no troublesome laces and eyelets. kangaroo is such a great leather for shoes. m.a+ classic ankle boot - sold size 44 and fits true. this is vachetta calf leather, which is intended to age and develop a patina with wear. these were originally petrol color but i had them dyed black at the firm nyc and they look perfect. you'd never know if i didn't tell you. m.a+ footwear is probably the best out there right now and wildly expensive so take advantage of this opportunity! accessories m.a+ silver staple leather wrist strap - sold a classic piece. its seen some wear but is none the worse for it. very nice... werkstatt munchen skull and dogtag pendant necklace - sold like new. no explanation needed really.
  20. Bought these from skeen who bought them from Mr Moo, tried them on once indoors but they don't fit. Pictures and copy lifted straight from the previous 2 advertisement; they are in the exact same condition as when I got them obviously, as I never wore them. These are about as rare is you can get with Augusta. They are from 2008/2009. Fewer than 10 pairs were made and sold exclusively at Atelier in New York. Worn sparingly. No issues. Measures 12.5" by 4.25". Size marked is 8. Best for a US 9 or US 10, depending on insoles used, lacing method, etc. They are thermic in that there is a bronze color that comes through the grey/black when those areas of the boots become warm. They look awesome. $795 net to me, selling them for what I bought them for.
  22. [Look For/WTB] CCP Derbies in Black / White Size 6 shoot me pm or leave cmmt here. cheers!