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Found 60 results

  1. View Advert Arc'teryx Veilance Liminal Black sz. 32 For sale is a pair of Arc'teryx Veilance Liminal pants in sz. 32. The pants have been sparingly worn and are worn about 5 times and in great condition. Will ship world wide, about $35-45USD depending on location. Add 10% for Paypal Advertiser Marw Date 08/10/2017 Price $150.00 Category bottoms  
  2. The Jacket is no longer for sale .. well not here - I'll put it up on eBay next Sunday.
  3. Looking for a pair of black Veilance Voronois in black and size 28, will accept used condition. I'm located in the U.S.
  4. scamster

    wtb -- acronym.

    wtb ng-3 ps j50-ws l wtt s-cp2 blk sz m for s-cp2 blk sz l you have the goods, i have readies ... lets do this!
  5. *pet and smoke free home *items will be shipped within 24 hours *prices include tracked & insured shipping around the globe *price is negotiable /// Arcteryx Veilance Anode Coat AW2014/15 size Small Got this coat almost one year ago, but never worked this well with my wardrobe. Thus it hung most times in its clothing bag in my closet. No flaws or whatsoever. Think I have the bill over 800€ (retail price) somewhere floating around in my documents. 600€ > 550€ > 525€ > 450€ > 400€ > 375€ > 350€ > $375 > $350 + tracked & insured shipping around the globe & paypal fee /// Arcteryx Veilance Frame Shirt SS 2015 size Medium Worn a couple of times. No stains, no peeling. 75€ > 60€ incl. tracked & insured shipping around the globe, but I am open to offers for sure Got the same shirt in lyra gray. hit me up if you are interested in. /// Lanvin Goatskin High Tops Sz. 7 (EU42) my personal holy grail. Worn a couple of times and still a lot of life in them. 275€ > 250€ incl. tracked & insured shipping around the globe, but I am open to offers for sure
  6. * Items are shipped from Canada * All prices in USD * Payment by Paypal with confirmed addresses * Prices include shipping to Canada or ConUSA (unless specified otherwise) * International shipping available, please PM for rate * More pictures or measurements can be provided upon request. Please PM me if you're interested. BNWT Stephan Schneider Toys Trousers in rosin - $200 > $115 Size IV 80% cotton, 20% linen Shorts are brand new with tags. Pockets are still sealed. Measurements: Waist (aligned) - 16.5" Front rise - 10.5" Back rise - 14" Thigh - 12.375" Leg opening - 8.375" Inseam - 16.25" http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/ss-toys_02_zpsbhk8uy4r.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/ss-toys_03_zpsuk8hj1am.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/ss-toys_04_zpsmr6jtlxv.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/ss-toys_05_zpsoajhi5r8.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/ss-toys_06_zps99umwbbr.jpg Robert Geller FW10 hooded wool bomber in black - $234 Size 44 90% wool, 10% nylon Measurements: Pit to pit - 19.25" Shoulder - 16.5" Length - 24.75" Jacket is in good condition with most of the wear on the zipper pull which is a little bent and lost quite a bit of colour. There is also a spot of wear on the inside lining that has been patched up (please see picture). http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/rg-blk_02_zpsmsyalzbf.jpeg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/rg-blk_03_zpsirbppafn.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/rg-blk_04_zpsjyzkmrfj.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/rg-blk_05_zps9f3pf4iu.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/rg-blk_07_zps0morqfpl.jpg http://i1193.photobucket.com/albums/aa341/_inwonderland/rg-blk_08_zpscclkt1ln.jpg
  7. For sale 1 Arc'teryx Veilance Composite jacket in Black Size XL, mint condition, asking for €350,- plus shipping 1 Arc'teryx Veilance Composite jacket in copper Size XL, mint condition, asking for €325,- plus shipping Both jackets are from SS 2015 and as I lost quite some weight these jackets are to big for me now.
  8. Calbeee

    Arctery Veilance Factory Proxy

    Hey guys, As some of you guys know, there is an Arcteryx Factory store which carries the Veilance line-up in Vancouver for reduced prices. Someone was doing this before me but it seems he got banned, so I am here offering the service if anyone is interested. I haven't worked out a solid system yet, but I will fine tune it as I go along. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The rate is: 1:1 CDN - USD: 12% Fee + Paypal Invoice fee + 20 USD within the 48 states. Please keep in mind that as much as I love to help, I am making some money from this as there is time and effort put towards doing this. If you do not understand that, you can simply not use my service. The factory store is a 45 minute drive from my house, and the process of having everything organizing and shipping things out takes time too, so please put that into consideration. Everything is shipped out of Vancouver. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- PROCEDURE. 1: PM me what you want specifically as well as what you are interested in 2: I call the store and check stock 3: Payment through Paypal Invoice so both parties are safe 4: I pick up the items 5: I ship them ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Stock List: (As of March 15) [] PANTS & SHORTS [] //Voronoi Pants Black Sz 28 SOLD Sz 28 PENDING Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 Sz 33 //Carbon Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 //Sand Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 28 Sz 33 *more funky color ways available as well. **there might be more stock of the shown sizes ---------------------------------------------- Cargo LT Shorts //Black Sz 33 SOLD Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 Sz 33 *other colorways available in 33 --------------------------------------------- [] JACKETS [] Patrol IS Jacket $999 //Black Sz XS Sz S Sz S Sz M Sz L Sz XL --------------------------------------------- Anode IS $699 //Black Sz XS Sz XS Sz S Sz M Sz M ------------------------------------------ Field IS $799 //Navy Sz S Sz XL Sz XL *Maroon available as well ------------------------------------------ *There are other items as well, but these are what I figured people would be interested in. Feel free to ask if there is something that you are looking for and I can check it out. [] List updated as of March 15, 2016 []
  9. I've written else where on the forum about being a proxy for the factory store in Vancouver. There seems to be enough interest so I will give this a try. This is how the proxy will operate: Given that the current exchange rate doesn't radically change. The listed prices I find at the store will be converted 1:1 from CAD to USD. The additional fee only helps supplement the taxes, expenses, shipping and PayPal fees, that I need to pay. Fees are subject to change. Min. order price is $100 Fees are the following: 20% below $199USD 10% $200USD - $399USD 0% $400USD - 699USD 5% off above 700USD Note: tip for the service is much appreciated. Shipping is included with the price to the lower 48. Canada Post Charges much more than USPS, hence; Shipping to Canada will be an additional $15 +5 per additional Piece. Example: Voronoi Pant for sale @ 149 CAD Will cost you 149 USD + 20% fee Total = 179USD includes shipping to lower 48. Note: I'll be taking notes of the stock while I'm there at the factory store. The list of items will be posted up here and it will be up to you to decide if it's a good deal or not. Prices are not negotiable. Sales are final. Items do not come with tags as the store will remove the tags on sale. (Can provide a receipt to verify the item is new.) It will be on a first come first serve affair. PM me on what you want, after being paid I will then go out the next day to purchase your item if available. The message title must be your name so that I can keep track of who's who. If the requested Item is not available I can: Send you your money back Agree on a different purchase based on what is in stock. Or anything deemed appropriate. Keep in mind some items can be Prototypes or different in colour than the regular stock and can not be found regularly. Happy Hunting. Last Updated Feb 21 2016 *** = uncommon/prototypes/unreleased Waterproof Jackets Actuator $399 Aluminum 1 L Monitor Coat $599 Talus Grey 1 S 1 M *** Partition Coat $189 White Sand 2 M 1 L Insulated Waterproof Jackets Galvanic IS Coat $649 Wahiba Sand 1 XS 1 S 1 M 1 L 1 XL Node IS Jacket $699 Black 1 S 1 M 1 L Field IS $799 Mahogany 1 XS 1 S 2 M Navy Blue 1 XL Sweater/Vest *** Graph Cardigan $309 Neptune 1 M Mionn IS Vest $179 Mahogany 1 XS 2 S Blazer Style Coat Doeln Coat $79 Copper 2 XS 1 S SOLD 1 S 1 M 1 L SOLD Blazer lt $79 dune XS SOLD Shipped S M L SOLD L Indisce Blazer $480 Ordesa Green XS 3 L 3 XL Mionn Blazer $279 Sand XS 2 S Pants/Shorts Voronoi Pant AR $149 Sand 2 W28 Carbon 3 W28 Black 1 W28 SOLD Shipped 2 W28 1 W33 1 W33 SOLD Shipped Graphite 1 W33 Voronoi Shorts $99 Black 2 W33 1 W33 Pending Graphite 2 W33 Cargo Short $99 Aluminum 2 W33 Enjoy. Prices are USD. The additional fee only helps supplement the taxes, expenses, shipping and PayPal fees, that I need to pay. Fees are subject to change. Min. order price is $100 Fees are the following: 20% below $199USD 10% $200USD - $399USD 0% $400USD - 699USD 5% off above 700USD Note: tip for the service is much appreciated. Shipping is included with the price to the lower 48. Canada Post Charges a lot more than USPS, hence; Shipping to Canada will be an additional $15 +5 per additional Piece. International Shipping Will be calculated separately and be added on top of the Fees.
  10. danii


    hey can we get supertechwear when there is superdenim? I think there is more to discuss in new threads with rise of customizators and diyers. this would be awesome place to share resources and stuff. thanks for your consideration mods. (and move corresponding topics there)
  11. Brand new with tags Arc'teryx Veilance Cargo LT Pants in Black size 34 Sold.
  12. FS: Guidi Q15 Horse Leather Black 630USD shipped Grailed link here: https://www.grailed.com/listings/151569-guidi-q15-horse-leather Only reason for selling is my wife quit her job. No offers as I'm already taking a loss and retail is around $1900
  13. Arc'teryx Veilance Mionn IS Blazer in Eggplant size L, worn once, like bnwt, comes with everything Shipping worldwide with insurance 340E 300E 250E 220E shipped New Balance x Stone Island 577, US10 Very rare, proxied from Italy with receipt, Worn once very carefully (not my size) come with second pair of laces, tags, guide 370E 340E 320E shipped everywhere SOLD SILENT by Damir Doma thevetiana hoodie, L, worn a handful times, in excellent condition soldE NSW Made in Italy Reflective Hoodie Size L, Windproof, Waterproof, worn a few times 8/10 170E 130E 110E shipped SOLD Enfin Levé Amaitsu pants, size 35, more like 32-33, Stotz Etaproof worn once 150E SOLD Reebok Insta Pump Fury Brazen Berry OG bnwt, Size 10US SOLD Norse Projects x Suicoke Sandals bnwt, Size 11US 170E 160E shipped worldwide SOLD Alexander Wang knit sweater in BLACK TRADED Contact me with anything if you are interested
  14. Caligari


  15. I have two Veilance field jackets for sale size M. I'm only selling one, whichever sells first. I'm keeping the other. One SV in Slate and another LT in Manilla 600$ for the SV 400$ for the Manilla The Manilla doesn't really look THAT yellow in real life. It's lighter, and more subtle. Cameras can't really capture the right colour it seems.
  16. indigoandindigo

    FS Arc'Teryx Veilance Geom SFT Jacket

    Arc'Teryx Veilance Geom SFT Jacket Black sz xs Goretex/Inner zips/reinforced/retractable hood etc I'm 5'10'' usually wear a S/M depending on brand/designer This will most def fit an s An m can fit or wear it at a shortened length like a bomber/leather jacket Retail:750 (http://justoneeye.com/geom-sft-jacket.html) BIN:550 Doubt I will go lower but Offer Certain trades accepted Just message with any questions/concerns
  17. Item is used but in good condition, only worn a handful of times as Sydney winters are mild. $550 USD including shipping, paypal fees Description: This insulated, waterproof jacket hides its state-of-the-art technical features under a minimal and perfectly constructed surface: The super light PrimaLoft insulation is laminated to the Gore-Tex shell to avoid cold spots, usually existent in quilting. Perfect protection for a cold, wet and demanding surrounding. Details: - 100% nylon - Gore-Tex 2 L Pro Shell - 133g PrimaLoft Sport - micro-taped seams - anatomical shape - insulated, adjustable hood - adjustable drawcord on waist - waterproof zip fly - hand pockets with hidden waterproof zips, chest pockets with flaps - two large interior chest pockets, pen pocket http://www.firmamentberlin.com/arcteryx_veilance/22117/insulated_shell_jacket.html Listing it on ebay too: http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/ARC-039-TERYX-Veilance-GORE-TEX-Insulated-Shell-Hooded-Jacket-Mens-Size-M-/111560231132?item=111560231132
  18. 600 shipped to USA and Canada FEATURES:Waterproof GORE-TEX® construction with taped seams for added weatherproofness Stowable hood rolls away into a tall collar for a streamlined silhouette Internal adjustable waist drawcord Two hand pockets with flaps and key clip inside Two chest pockets with flaps Internal chest pocket with zipper and an internal passport/boarding pass pocket with zipper Hidden drop pocket with WaterTight™ zip Self locking cuff adjusters
  19. selling my veilance blazer in 36 black (fits like a small) - gore tex fabric.. waterproof and windproof. i believe the newer versions are just windstopper soft shells - fully taped seams - slim cut, thin lapels - cobra fasteners (concealed front fastening) - one outer left chest pocket, 2 side angle hand pockets (so much better than top entry pockets), and two inner pockets (one zipped, one open) - open center vent in back just not getting enough wear as it should. i stuck on two velcro patches for a project but didn't end up using them.. doesn't affect garment in any way but can be removed with a heat gun or probably just peeling off shoulder to shoulder 16" shoulder to sleeve - 25" pit to pit - 17" overall length - 26.5" asking $350 USD shipped within canada/usa Selling my Acronym Suspensor system.. 10/10 condition never used size Medium.. complete with laptop and 2x small pouches Suspensor Harness 50 MM (removable) - Mag-Dock Adapters (2x) (Fidlock) - PC sleeve (13 inch) - 3A-MP2TS (2x) $400 USD shipped within USA/Canada
  20. I’m selling this brand new Arc’teryx Veilance S14 Partition Jacket for a friend. Unfortunately, the item was purchased as a gift for him and does not fit. Please get in touch if you have any questions. From the Arc’teryx Veilance Website – Compatible for a varied set of situations the longer length and fishtail back vent of the Partition Coat is perfectly suited to the fast and light characteristics of a GORE-TEX® 3L fabric, providing proven weather protection in a sophisticated package. Enhanced with greater breathability, this lighter and softer version of a waterproof coat is extremely easy to wear and still packs into a minuscule volume for stowing and deploying between workplaces, stations or stores. Hand pockets with laminated zippers and an interior laminated zippered chest pocket are among the selection of stealthily placed but effective details. Price - $615 CAD (+shipping) Item – S14 Partition Coat Condition – Brand new with tags, tried on once Size – Medium Measurements (approximate and in inches) – Pit to Pit – 22.5 Length (below collar to very bottom of jacket) – 23.5 Sleeve Length – 23 Shipping Within Canada - $15 CAD To the US - $20 CAD Elsewhere – Please message me for a quote, I ship worldwide
  21. mmm woven nylon low-top size 46 new/unworn 500$ shipped conus (add 4% or gift) mmm fog suede mid top sneaker size 46 new/unworn 525$ shipped conus (add 4% or gift) unit benan white tri-color high top sneaker size 45 new/unworn 500$ shipped conus (add 4% or gift) common projects high top basketball sneaker tan nubuck & navy nubuck size 46 new/unworn 500$each shipped conus (add 4% or gift) common project captoe high top sneaker size 46 great condition 300$ shipped conus (add 4% or gift) will take offers, don't try and lowball me, will ignore.
  22. Brainboy

    WTB: Veilance items XS,S

    Want to buy Veilance items in XS or S size, pants size 30. Any season. Promo items, catalogues and prints are also welcome. PM me or post here. Thanks!
  23. firstdoorontheleft

    FS: Veilance, field shirt S/S,

    NEW ITEM ADDED: PRICE DROPS 4/3/2014 --Veilance Field shirt S/S in Manila (Muted yellow), size Xtra-large --65 USD Original Firmament listing: http://www.firmamentberlin.com/arcteryx_veilance/21745/shortsleeve_field_shirt.html Accepting offers and trades. PM me for actual photos or more information/measurements. Total cost: Price of item + 4% + shipping cost. (All items shipped Fedex priority w/tracking information). I only accept Paypal and require payment before items are shipped out. Sold items: Arc'teryx Veilance Anode coat Sz. Large Arc'teryx Veilance Subset jacket Sz. Large Ralph Lauren work wear flannel shirt, Blue and white plaid, Sz. Large Ralph Lauren flannel shirt, Red and green plaid, Sz. Medium Ralph Lauren OCBD shirt, Red oxford, Sz. Medium