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  1. On 5/28/2022 at 12:09 PM, nathan_ said:

    I don't think any amount of money in the world will make for a better cat bed than sitting cross legged in P30A-DS.

    can confirm, CatNapǽ can be deployed up to a few hours while I work at my desk cross legged. 

  2. 8 hours ago, ukiro said:

    P10-E is still on for FW, though isn't that more of a SS material?

    E has talked about before that the “seasons” don’t really indicate piece choice like other fashion brands do. if I remember properly in some podcast interview they just have things they’ve developed ready for a release. one reason they still abide by traditional season is supply chains of fabric/hardware blah blah and some other technical shit, thought it was interesting though 

  3. of course there’s gonna be a normal FW2122 season, he teased it on Insta.

    also here’s a photo Lenny posted that has his current hair color, and it’s credited to Phillip Koll so it’s definitely an acrnm shoot; don’t know what jacket he’s wearing but I don’t think it’s anything we’ve seen yet

    ADC2753A-FAD4-46F0-897A-332C5270CA07.thumb.jpeg.39cf0eae49d5a933b6166096d918a664.jpeg CE02874A-4E44-4937-BDBC-DD159A5ACFB3.thumb.jpeg.4fd3735ae6b159f136531cdbe0eba2b9.jpeg

  4. I dunno if this is a dumb question or not, but I wonder what is gonna happen to that XL P30A that’s still on the mothersite once the new ones are listed; since they’re technically the same model number and I haven’t seen a piece sit long enough until an iteration of it comes out 

    (like I said this is a stupid thing to think about I’m just not too preoccupied with the drop tbh and this is mildly interesting to me) 

  5. make reviews but try to make them concise unless the topic can benefit from some detail. that's why my LA8-DS post was so brief because it's a model that's come out before and it's just a shirt.

    J69-HY / iterative but different with a brand new (and imo kinda interesting) material that I don't mind a long form review

    J28-WS / one of the most popular acrnm pieces in WS, storm hat's known with the J1E and raindrop; kinda self explanatory


    (posting a bit about sizing is also v nice to look back at, helped me a lot starting off so don't mind passing the torch to someone picking up a piece you talked about way in the future)




  6. LA8-DS came in today after a bit of weather delays.






    Overall really like it, definitely a boxier cut like you guys have talked about already. I was kinda expecting that since I’m fairly tall and skinny and got an M. Only sizing gripe is the sleeves tend to stack a lot at my elbow when the buttons are done up, but this may be because it’s brand new or they’re too long for my arms; this is my first DS shirt so I don’t know personally. I’m around 6’ / 182cm so I dunno if it was a sizing error on my part or it’s just how it is. 

    I honestly liked the fit of leaving the buttons undone and the center open more than I thought I would, I was worried it would look way too big on me doing that but, it gives a more of a causal light jacket vibe that I enjoy. The catch pocket is practical and easy to use, really roomy hand pockets, the articulation is great and gives you a huge range of motion. 

    Other than that there’s not much else, kinda wish I could’ve got both the LA6 and this but got just the LA8 since I already have some black stand collar button up shirts and it’s a bit more visually distinctive/has different ways to wear it.

    (also since I’m new-ish to buying acrnm I didn’t know the shirt sling is just attached by a knot so that was surprising to see lol)



  7. I kinda feel this way with the P30A because height wise it’s perfect on me but it def looks a big baggier on me than the mothersite pics, although P30A photographs and looks odd from all angles so I could be wrong but still

    maybe I just need to build some muscle on my legs lol

  8. yeah same for me, I'm guessing the same thing happened with the 3A stuff that was still in stock because the disappeared along with the SS21 drop 

    *wait nvm I'm just an idiot lol, I swear the 3A-1 was just on there the other day tho

  9. oh also pay attention to the fit descriptions, they help with the general fit of pieces. this goes for pants and everything else too


  10. 3 hours ago, russo_cypriot said:

    Also, now interested if there is anyone here who is around 6'2 and rocks any acr shell in size S? 

    I’m a couple inches under that and have an ectomorph body type, 130lbs (59kg)

    I could most likely fit a J1A in small without any issues, but there would be no room to layer much even with my really small frame; so I still went medium

    at least for me, if you are sizing and a small can fit but give no room I would still get an medium; mainly for GT jackets as you’re unlikely to wear it in temperatures that lack layering and should use Stotz or Wind-stopper in those temps (and you can size fitted for those, I would buy a small J36-S for example since I would use it as a transitional shell during fall with light mid layers) 

  11. yeah you’re right, that’s kinda what I meant as in everything wasn’t really cohesive collections in previous years. FW20 had nice some overlapping themes like the J68, P31A, and J1B color ways and the multi pieces. SS21 is kinda lookin like more of the recent eclectic direction but at least most of the individual pieces are hitting so far. 

    only thing for me is there’s not much new stuff more so spins on old pieces. but hey, I would rather that happen than another P10/J1A drop

  12. finally after a few kinda lackluster collections I’m really happy with the newer stuff coming out. tensionzip is a just a plain cool and practical new feature, I like the tight style collars as they’re not as bulky and look cleaner than the 3D collars, and generally having more color options is really nice. 

    (I kinda dreamt of an RAF of alpha green P30A after the P31A came out but didn’t anticipate them actually doing it, using different DS colors opens up a ton of pieces to get new cw’s)

    overall excited to see what’s next especially with the 3A sneak peeks we’ve gotten, honestly kinda hoping for more shorts in the future but I doubt that’ll happen lol

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