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  1. On 10/23/2020 at 12:26 AM, julian-wolf said:

    ^ I've only ever machine-washed my flannel shirts

    Thanks for answering, but unfortunately, as i am not a perfect english speaker, i am not sure about what you meant. Could you please clarify?

  2. Hi guys.

    I have recently bought a lot 3076 denim workshirt.

    On warehouse website, it is mentionned that a few centimeters of shrinkage should be expected. However, after reception, I handwashed it between 30 and 40 degrees for forty mintutes, with some agitation.

    I didn't had the lenghth shrinkage I was looking for. Do you think this won't shrink anymore, or is it possible to shrink it (40° machinewash?)

  3. Hello guys.

    I am planning to buy a 1001xx, but i am lost due to shrinkage: do they strech back to raw measurement (or even beyond?), or there is only a minimal stretch?

    Looking on the website, the shrinkage on the waist is 6/7 centimeters, will I have them back? :-)

  4. On 9/13/2020 at 3:08 PM, Cold Summer said:

    Yep, that's my old shirt that I sold years ago. It was definitely too short, the new one ought to be just the right length.

    I'm about 6'3" / 170 lbs. I don't have the amp anymore, I use a Line 6 Helix for all my amplification needs these days. :P

    Thanks, size 2 should be fine on my 174cm / 69kg!

  5. 7 hours ago, Cold Summer said:

    Ordered this UES Green Heavy Flannel today. Really excited, looks like a great fabric and should fit well. The two shades of green look great, and I like the contrast of the salmon-colored stripes.

    I had one UES flannel about four years ago and it was a great looking shirt, but about a size too small. I got a 2/Medium, when I should've gotten a 3. Didn't help that this was back when I was trying to squeeze into the slimmest-fitting clothes I could manage.


    Hi! I am currently looking for one of these beauty, but hesitating between size 2 and 3. For information, what are your size and weight please? (Even if apparently we dont't have the same morphology :-D. And btw, nice amp! ;-))

  6. On 6/5/2020 at 2:41 PM, Collin said:

    You take into account the shrink but not the stretch ! Generally unsanforized and raw jeans that are washed (by you) or one wash jeans stretch back to almost raw measurements (. I would advise you to take the exact same size as your 900xx. I'm a 31 in warehouse for their 800xx 1000 1001xx 1003.......


    If you are planning on buying the 1001xx on Son of a Stag, definitely email or phone them as they can help you choose the best size.

    I would like to buy it japanese prize, not London's ;-)


    I'm quite surprised to read that unsanforized denim comes almost back to raw measurement, while everyone says to be extremly carefull when buying unsanforized denim.

    One thing I was pointing in in my previous message  was the different measures et informations about the amount of shrinkage I can find about this warehouse 1001xx.

    My 900xx is a 30, but I need some more centimeters on the waist. 41/42 cm after 2/3 wearings would be nice.

    If i read what you say, size 32 would be nice, but what I see on official website is frighting me. Size 32 is 84 cm in the waist, and they say I can expect 6/7 cm shrinkage. So it would be 77 centimeters after soak/wash. I am affraid that in the worst case scenario, it cannot be wearable, in best case scenario it would be uncomfortable for 20/30 wears.



  7. Hello there!
    I'm looking for buying a new raw denim.
    I previously had a 900xx bought one wash in son of a stag, I like the brand.
    I'm very interested on warehouse 1001xx, but i'm pretty lost on wich size to chose.
    Indeed, most of the market offers an unwashed version (rakuten or official website), and i'm not familiar with this.
    I need a 41-42 cm half waist.
    If I look on official website (https://www.ware-house.co.jp/?pid=132358411) I'd need a size 34. 88 cm with a 6/7 cm shrinkage would be fine.
    If I look on some rakuten offers, it's different.
    For exemple, here https://global.rakuten.com/en/store/earthmarket/item/wh1001xx-19/ I'd need a size 33 (90 cm to shrink 8 cm > 82 cm would be good
    Here https://item.rakuten.co.jp/joenet/warehouse-1001xx/ a size 32 would be good (87 cm to shrink 2 inches equals approximatly 82 cm
    As you can see, a little help would be nice :-)
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