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  1. 8 minutes ago, Radiohead89 said:

    It isn’t. However once the mandatory vaccine comes along.... things will be different. Some people will put up a fight. Others will take the vaccine and up getting sick. All part of agenda 21/30

    You agree with the Bill Gates wants to kill us theory? 
    So what will kill us IS the vaccine?

    all this mess just to kill some part of the world population? There are much easier ways...
    we all remember back in the 80s when AIDS was created by men to kill homosexuals. 

    Right now the world is under a state of CONFUSION. 

  2. 7 minutes ago, Radiohead89 said:

    Because first it’s masks, then it’s vaccines, and it’s a very slippery slope. When governments start making these mandates it eventually leads to genocide. That’s where this is all going. Population reduction. Governments are inherently corrupt and wicked because of the control and power and greed that comes along with it. 

    Population reduction?

    i thought you meant it wasn’t a pandemia itself (?)


  3. ^ the problem is we don’t know who or what to believe. We don’t have the Scientific knowledge.

    what does “infection of fatality ratio” mean? Deaths? 

    meanwhile Global Financial Reset is taking place but most people are not aware



  4. “Social media is for teenagers or bored women”
    You are the one that took my comment personal. 
    thats why I thought you were a woman because I knew you weren’t a teenager.

    and you called “shitty guy” someone else for not agreeing with the mask issue. 
    personal again.

    you need to be hard in the issue but leave people alone or you will get the same shite you gave if not more. So be specific-Casual sexism-  how  what where when 
    maybe you are right and i can learn 

  5. 3 hours ago, julian-wolf said:

    I neg repped your post. That was the entirety of my response. It's not at all clear how you're getting from that to "REALLY offended" or "madh", but seriously, you'll have a much better time here if you stop taking everything so personally.

    You just negged my post?

    not true, liar 

    this is your RESPONSE


    On 9/30/2020 at 4:32 PM, Duodequinquagesimus said: 

    social media is for teenagers or bored women. 

    Wild how every single time I neg rep you for casual sexism (this is what, the third time? Fourth?) you go through the trouble of looking through my post history and finding 4–5 (edit: we’re up to 7, this time around) completely unrelated posts to neg rep as some sort of vengeance

     You’ve really got something to prove, haven’t you

    At least Ed had the decency to own up to being an ass & stand up for himself

     Edited Wednesday at 08:36 PM by julian-wolf

  6. 1 hour ago, Radiohead89 said:

    You’re that offended by a meme? Oh lord. 


    He got REALLY offended when I said social media is just for teenagers and bored women.

    he got really madh...

  7. 3 minutes ago, Broark said:

    See that's the thing, we really don't. :)

    so why do you reply? oh i see, you are being sarcastic...subtle

    i reallly care about you too, my friend, BUT I wasnt talking to you. Thats message was for Geeman. Pay more attention next time or you will get a negative rep.

  8. On 9/6/2020 at 4:10 PM, Geeman said:






    something comical about you, especially after reading your friendly advise in the other thread

    i thought you were a girl triggered by my background in sports hobbies sexism  and other rumours.  i dont know why. i couldnt picture you as an old codger....and now i find this lol

    and you have the face of a good person. Your message is misleading


  9. 7 hours ago, JohnM said:

    Duodequinquages, I'm probably going to take flack from you and everyone else here.

    You make good and interesting points (e.g., preferring photos that look more natural than posed and noting that the clothes don't make the man/woman but the other way around) and you're not afraid to give an opinion, which keeps things from getting dull.  But then you provoke the group and seem to be itching for a fight.  Why not scale it back a hair, take the time to listen and learn, and earn respect with patience?  You have nothing to prove, as your questions and insights are generally good.  As you know, if you provoke you'll get a response.  Maybe this is part of the fun, but wouldn't it be more fun to just keep learning and make a few friends?


    Where? When? How?

    Show me.


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