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  1. cthulhudaddi


    for sure! how often would you recommend? for context, im thinking i'll be using the J27 as a daily jacket until early spring at least.. also, i just walked thru 15 blocks of 19F NYC midtown wind tunnels and it (with the J56) kept me plenty warm. a pair of gloves would not be unwelcomed tho. the zippered pockets are rather breathable but you can feel the wind thru the corners of them. when you tuck your head into the tall collar, the wind really doesn't make much of an impact.. and the hood of the J27 with a ballcap is pretty solid too... i've lived in nyc for a bunch of winters now, and this time i finally got home without having my ears feel like they were about to shatter into pieces as soon as i walked into the door. they were cold of course, but none of that frozen sting..
  2. cthulhudaddi


    woah mind blown, hadn't thought to check there. thanks! and absolutely will do, just meant it looks like it will stay clean for quite a while.
  3. cthulhudaddi


    hey, just picked up my first acronym pieces and was wondering what i'll need to do in terms of cleaning.. neither the JT-27 GT or the J65-AK i bought from the acrmn website have care tags on them. can't imagine that i'll really need to clean the jacket, but the liner - i just don't really know.. any advice?