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  1. Hey guess. Recently picked up this e-j2. However I have noticed differences from all the photos I've seen and wondering if anyone could explain. 

    3 main differences I have noticed. 

    Only 1 velcro for logo tape / magnet tape

    An extra shoulder pocket 

    An added chest pocket which looks from factory in both Patina and conscruction. 

    Any help appreciated. 

    Kinda new to this forum. Let me know if I've done anything wrong. 




  2. On 1/11/2019 at 5:59 PM, RemarkableArmor said:

    WTS: J62-PB, size medium. 

    Tried on but never worn with full pack. It originally had the pocket stitching manufacturing issue but acronym repaired it for me so is flawless now.

    Looking for £1000 which is just under retail from what I can remember. 


    • P26-S, size medium, RAF tried on but never worn in full pack. £600
    • 3A-MZ5-BLK (Black foil), set of two, unused in pack £250 (retail was around £320)
    • J56-S, size medium, RAF tried on but never worn in full pack. £999
    • J16-GT (FW1718 version), size medium, tried on but never worn in full pack. £1200

    UK/EU I will throw in the shipping for free.


    Interested in j56s if you still have it 

  3. WTS  p23 ts s medium con (8.5) raf, bag, spec sheet, worn a few times by me and previous owner (€950)

    WTS. j36s black m with spec, bag, no logo tape
    Con (9.0) still has dwr coating, bought worn once, worn 4 times by me.
    Hmu with offers too

    Located uk

    (deleted my last trade post)

  • Alan Crocetti Silver Nose Plaster
    $US 342