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  1. On 6/17/2019 at 5:54 PM, Maynard Friedman said:

    Ideally, and for a period-correct fit, you’d probably wear it a size smaller, but as a 27 year-old jacket for 80 CAD (<£50), you can’t pick and choose so if you’re happy with it then it’s a good deal.


    16 hours ago, 428CJ said:

    It fits fine. The shoulder seams aren't inside the "corners" of your shoulders, nor are they dropping far below them. There is a range of several sizes of denim jackets that work fine on a person. That one sits right in the middle of that range. I would call it a "regular" fit.

    Thanks for the feedback guys.  I really like the jacket but it's more baggy then my other ones.  As long as it doesn't look bad Haha. 

  2. 16 minutes ago, Maynard Friedman said:

    That’s a simplified Levi’s (WW2 model - laurel leaf donut buttons and no pocket flap) 506XX, more commonly known as the Type 1, made in Japan, in what looks like May 1992.

    Thanks for the quick reply. Just wondering if that is how it's supposed to fit. 


  3. Hey there,

    I just picked up a reproduction type 1 on kijiji for 80 CAD. I really like it just wondering what people thought of the fit, the price, and if any knows the history of it.  It looks like it's from Japan.






  4. 1 hour ago, Critical Observer said:

    The photo is not the best quality but it looks like it fits more like a shacket; check out Iron Heart’s IHSH-177 & IHSH-178 for something that might tickle your fancy.

    It does tickle my fancy but the price is too high. Maybe one day

  5. Hey guys, 

    I just wanted to ask your guys opinion on a recent purchase.  It is a black denim jacket from Only and Sons. It's a cotton poly blend with some stretch. I know it's like the anti-denim head jacket but I like how it fits and the comfort.  All my denim jackets are vintage so this us a fit I'm not used to but I enjoy the sleekness. I am wondering what people think.

    Thanks all





  6. Hey guys just wanted to share my new APC jeans that I got from a thrift store for $22 CAD.  They look like the new standard stretch. I'm wondering if anyone can confirm this. I'm always paranoid when I get a deal that seems too good to be true. 




  7. I tried contacting them and haven't got an email back but I did some more research and there are definately many more like mine out there and the quality is definately good. 

    I just wanted to share I got this for a steal. I found it in dingy vintage store in a pile of jeans for $20. It was my exact size, tapered to exactly how I like it, softened and worn very nicely.  Who needs stretchy fast fashion! Haha

  8. Hi,

    I hope you guys can help me out.  I just purchased a pair of weirds guys at a second hand store.  I noticed the hardware does not say naked and famous on it and the patch at the back is brown suede.  I am wondering if it is real because I've never seen that before.  The quality seems decent and the selvedge is definately legit.

    Thanks in advance!

  9. On 4/3/2019 at 6:16 AM, Spiraltoy said:

    Edwin Axel jacket in their rainbow selvedge. I really wish it didn’t have beige weft. Solid fit for my frame but doesn’t get much use these days.




    Very beautiful Jacket and great fades.  How come you don't wear it? 

  10. Hi everyone,

    I am brand new to this forum and I am a denim fanatic I just wanted to post my favorite denim jacket. It's a pocket less orange tab that's made in Canada. It was in unbelieveable condition when I got it, still is. I pair it with doublewood narrows.

    Thanks all!




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