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  1. Cyruseg

    Sugar Cane Denim

    Just sharing the 2009 model before and after 1.5 year aged. This Sugarcane 12 oz denim brings a bit grey and brown tone, i never see any other has bright sharp blue anyway. Pretty cool one as the cutting is nice and fabric is easy carry in Asia humid weather. This an over sized 2009 on my body (just don't wanna confused about the cutting, normally it's cut is narrower than the photo shows)
  2. Cyruseg

    Red Cloud & Co. jeans

    Red Cloud is actually keep producing new stuffs, just not selling like collection by collection. Here i m sharing Red Cloud DaiiFau new white pants. Such a vintage gentleman cut with mid high rise and wide straight leg. this is hbt fabric and i like the small detail on the hem.
  3. Cyruseg

    Full Count Denim Thread

    Just sharing my Fullcount Type 1 tight fit, this version is really tight that i need to pick one size up as my normal size (maybe two sizes up for some people). it looks very smart and easy carry than those vintage cut and details are remain the same as normal.