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  1. Andy.C.M.C.

    Sole Searching (and heels too)

    Heres a few pictures from my stash archive
  2. Andy.C.M.C.

    Sole Searching (and heels too)

    Hello. I picked up on this thread whilst on a random google image search and thought I'd stick my nose in. I got into the vintage heel and sole thing 3/4 years back when I was looking re-sole a pair fo Corcorans I'd worn down to the leather. Again, browsing online took me to various picture websites like tumblr, instagram etc and then onto others like Vintageengineerboots and RoleClub. I've managed to go through two sets of Cats Paw soles/heels in as many years but to be fair I didn't alternate much. Since buying a second pair and having them fixed up with RoleClubs they're lasting a bit longer and keeping their cool. I'm also mildly obsessed with picking up bits and pieces that I want for the future. For instance I found some green grip-lug Biltrite half soles which I snapped up straight away. Missed out on some green Cats Paw heels which Im still getting over! I'll get some pictures up when I get a chance. Best Andy