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    Recently fallen for the type 2's and none seems to beat the value and possibly the fits of the TCB 50s jacket. I realize this has probably been discussed to the end here in thread, but here goes. I'm about 39" chest, 6' tall and weight about 76 kg. I'm really confused about the measurements of the jacket, mostly the P2P. I feel like I cannot go any bigger than the size 42, or the length, sleeve and shoulders will be too big. However, the P2P for this is <20" for the size 42! I like kind of a boxy/shorter fit, so I am concerned about sizing up and having it coming up too long. Is there something unique about the P2P measurement here? I see there is both a washed and non-washed version. What would you advise in my situation, seeing I want some chest measurement and keep body short? Appreciate any input!
  2. whenpancomestoshovel

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    The TCB is really nice, but seems to be pretty much sold out everywhere except for the one in Sweden. I've seen the IH, but they are just too much jacket for me. The Red Cloud looks nice, but measurements does not seen fitting for me.
  3. whenpancomestoshovel

    What about Jeans Jackets ....

    I want to buy a duck canvas jacket in denim style jacket (type 2 or type 3 preferrably). Want something not too thick. 3sixteen one from a couple of years ago would've been awesome. https://i.pinimg.com/originals/fb/a9/a8/fba9a81d532a6fcbc8dfe544de211dd7.jpg Any advice?
  4. whenpancomestoshovel

    Biker Rings/Vintage Jewellery thread

    Been interested in getting a feather necklace for some time. Hoping for some guidance in this jungle. Mostly been looking at Larry Smith and First Arrows. Vintage Goro's seems pretty unattainable. First Arrows seems nice, but I am not too sure about the 920 silver (prefer the 925). I saw several other brands being mentioned here. Does anyone have hands on experience with different brands and can give some input as to quality, bang for buck etc? Which manufacturers are handmade vs investment cast? Appreciate any input. Looking forward to my order.
  5. whenpancomestoshovel

    Real McCoy's / Joe McCoy's Jeans

    Anyone have any info on J-24 jackets? Are RMC discontinuing the B9111 Veg tanned for Combination tanned BJ19003? Also seems like the BJ19003 has wool pile lining aswell.