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  1. No issue at all Probably getting uneven train tracks with wearing
  2. I have got the reply from Freewheelers as below: In our opinion, this is not a quality issue. We’re not judging this case as an defect. Basically our thoughts(wish) for our products is to express the ambience of old times, not only producing old style products. And so, for us, a difference by hands of craftsman like this case is very enjoyable. We hope you enjoy our concept from the bottom of our heart.
  3. Exactly, I had no issue with the subpar brands I owned. That's why I expect more from Freewheelers which caused the disappointment
  4. Yeah, I have just sent an email to them. I had the jeans hemmed by them too, so I am sure they know it before they ship the jeans.
  5. You know you would get it from CSF, but I just didn't expect it from Freewheelers
  6. No, they are the same Quite disappointed especially I had good experience with Freewheelers
  7. Purchased a pair of 601XXC, it is the first time that the width of the selvedge are so different between 2 legs
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