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  1. Hello,

    Want to sell P30a-ds size Medium worn once like 2 hours. This pant is too big for me.

    P30a-DS - Medium (9.8/10) : 1200€ ++
    Or trade P10-DS 2020 + 200€ + shipping in and out

    J63A-FO - Large (9/10) : 1000€++

    Will be happy to provide pics.
    Located in France.

    Add shipping and Paypal fees.

    Thanks a lot


  2. Hello everybody,

    Doing a little cleaning and want to sell the following :

    J63A-FO - Large (9.5/10) : 1200€ ++

    P15-CH night - Small (7/10) : 510€ ++ (No bag, no sheet)

    P24-S RAF (7/10) Fw16-17 : 850€ ++ (Sheet only)

    P23TS-S BLACK - Medium (8/10) : 700€ ++ (Sheet only) (SOLD)

    3A-2 XPAC from 2019 (10/10) : 500€ ++ (SOLD)

    Price is sliglty negotiable.

    Will be happy to provide pics.
    Located in France.

    Add shipping and Paypal fees.

    Looking for : 
    P30A-DS in size Medium
    P23A-S black in size Medium (10/10)

    FYI : I’ll be in London from 31/10 to 02/11

    Thanks a lot

  3. 5 hours ago, rogerhuangxj said:

    The strangest one is 18Montrose.

    Even though they base in UK and state that VAT is not included when shipping to non european countries, their price is comparable to US retailers, if not higher.

    Actually I found that the price goes up when you choose non european instead of UK. I really don’t understand how is this called “VAT deducted”, and why are they so different from other european retailers.

    Just got this reply from 18Montrose :

    « Hello,

    Thank you for your email and earlier call.

    After having spoken to our buying team they have advised that the prices are set by Acronym across all currencies, I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Unfortunately the currency you would pay in correlated to the shipping country, we are unable to amend this.

    I do apologise for any inconvenience caused.

    Kindest Regards »

    So the euros price is set by acronym : 

    £1173 for a P23a-S or 1522€ if you want to ship to France. Impossible to pay in £ and ship to France.

    Exchange rate is £1 = 1.12€ 

    Do the math...


  4. Hello! I’d like to buy my first Acronym Pants but I don’t know which size to take. I’m 5’11’’ (181cm) 82-83kg, waist 32-33. Thanks a lot for your help

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