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  1. meaulnes


    How much stretch is there with 105 and 107 denim? I’m so torn between the 105 or 107 for my next pair of jeans. I had the 105 in a 2 before but lost a lot of weight and sold them. I always wanted the hem to be just a bit shorter... I’m a waist 30-31 and like my thigh to be close to a 12”. Where does this put me in a 105/107? I suspect in a size 1 but with the 107 i worry the top block would be too tight.
  2. meaulnes


    yeah it looks wonderful- i haven’t had a pair yet i have 8 pairs of orslow lol hope it pops up somewhere soon
  3. meaulnes


    Can anyone help me track down a pair of the USN (Utility Pants- Navy) in a size 1? Independence Chi had them and I missed them but that leads me to believe theyre being made this season. Can't find them anywhere though!
  4. meaulnes

    Tanuki Japan

    i just got the draft tapered cut in the kaze fabric and i really love them. the silhouette reminds me of orslow's new yorker pant almost exactly. that said, this is denim and i can see it being a polarizing cut for many. i dont think it really works with the zetto fabric - certainly isnt working in that linked picture with the chunky socks lol. but man these KDTs make me happy.
  5. meaulnes

    Tanuki Japan

    the KDT is awesome. is anyone stocking that in the US?
  6. meaulnes


    anyone seen the new(?) c100 “super slim” that’s trickling out to stores? cant seem to find garment specific measurements anywhere. also whats best for a true 30 waist in 107? my thigh is ideally at a 11.75-12
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