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  1. 1 hour ago, chambo2008 said:

    That's pretty insane for that amount of wears 

    These are fading fast thanks to all my home reno work. Building kitchen cabinets from scratch, installing them and putting in new floors is wearing these pretty quickly. Trying to stop kneeling on my right knee all the time when getting down on the ground since it is fading very quickly. I still have several other wood working projects to do after I finish the cabinets so I dont think these are going to make it the full year without repairs.

  2. 6 hours ago, oomslokop said:

    what is this, looks good

    They are the S500AX 18OZ.

    3 hours ago, Lazerr said:

    @Tangem2 How was the shrinkage for you? The denim looked interesting, especially the fact that some of their homemade denim is mixed in . 

    I havent soaked them yet but the sizing on these is very different from all of my other Samurai's. I got a 31 but normally wear a 33. Pre-soak they are just a touch loose in the waist so after wash and a few wears I think the fit will be good. Hope to get them soaked this week and added into the rotation soon.

  3. On 3/27/2020 at 6:12 AM, JDelage said:

    @Tangem2 - Very nice. I wasn't clear whether the measurements posted by OD were raw or one washed...

    I ordered off of Denimio and they didnt have measurements so I hoped they would fit like my other s5000vx and they are pretty darn close. The pair I got havent been washed.

  4. On 2/4/2020 at 11:37 AM, dylanbooth78 said:

    Hey guys, does anyone have experience with the standard 21oz sammys? Is it similar in feel to the 19oz zero denim? I have had the 510s in 24oz left hand twill denim before (limited model) they were very different to the standard 19oz 710s I have. 

    I think they have a similar look and feel but the 21oz is noticeably stiffer and took longer to soften up.

  5. 7 hours ago, Critical Observer said:

    That seems likely, thanks. Do you remember what weight were the Element-denims? My Google-fu comes up short trying to dig up related facts.

    My s5000gx-s wind were 17oz. Here are few picks from last year.






  6. 2 hours ago, JDelage said:

    What do you think is the problem with TFH? My concerns with them have mostly been about shoulder-to-p2p ratio on shirts...

    I agree that has been my only issue with them. 

  7. 5 hours ago, Toegun said:

    From experience I found that Sams usually stretch back out to their pre soak size. 

    That has been my experience as well with all but my two pairs of 25oz which didn’t quite stretch all the way back out to the pre-soak waist measurement.

  8. On 3/10/2019 at 9:59 AM, Akruk33 said:

    Hows the sizing on the 210xj? are they a true straight leg or do they have a little taper? Trying to decide between the 210 and the 110 xjs

    The 210xj have a slight taper to them.

  9. 16 hours ago, JDelage said:

    @Tangem2 - Could you post the measurement of your s210xj when you get a chance? Esp. curious about the knee width 13 inches down from crotch... Thank you.

    Pre-soak they are 9.25 inches across at 13 inches down from the crotch.

  10. I think that’s due to the poor lighting, they are very dark navy. The s210xj denim is very similar to my 18oz pbj’s in texture and color, which was not what I was expecting based on the pics but I like it.


  11. 7 minutes ago, i_denim said:

    I may be wrong but they may fall better with a cuff. Unless you like stacking.

    I agree...but I mix it up and cuff a few pairs and stack a few pairs because i like the way they fade when stacked.

  12. 4 hours ago, Critical Observer said:

    Thanks, it sounds really good except for the rise and the thigh measurement; my 24oz. pair in tag size 32 measure exactly 11" on the front rise, well over 12" for the upper thigh. :wacko: I guess the measurements and the fit vary from run to run but these differences are big enough to be scary.

    Did you engage in any sort of correspondence with 2nd prior to ordering?

    No I preordered them as soon as I saw 2nds listing on rakuten.

  13. 11 hours ago, Critical Observer said:


    This denim is 20oz., right? How were the measurements pre-/post-soak?

    I ”need” a new pair in 710 cut and since the black 17oz. version in size 32 is out of stock everywhere, it’s between this 2nd 20th Anniversary model and the Samurai’s own 20th Anniversary model; the latter sports the geisha denim, which could be good to have, but I rather do prefer heavier fabrics, plus the official model has no arcs on back-pockets while the 2nd model comes with those pretty swanky red arcs, reminiscent of the S710SJC19OZ-AI which I would insta-cop if I was absolutely bonkers mad (I’m thinking about it, so I just might be)... Has the fabric used for the 2nd 20th Anniversary edition been used berore, how does it compare to geisha?

    It is 20oz denim but I’m not sure if it has been used in any other models. I didn’t take pre or post soak measurements but post soak and after a dozen days of wear the waist measures 16.25, 10.25 rise, and 11.25 thigh. So far these are my favorite pair of Samurai jeans pre break in. All the small details in these, the feel of the denim and great fit make me want to order another pair before they’re gone.

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