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  1. I made this mask last year.  Hickory stripe denim with an interesting button fold-over to contain an easily replaceable hair tie ear loop.  The matching hair tie was a bonus.  At the time I read that denim made a good filter material, however I currently wear a three layer mask with non-woven filter.  I made a few other denim masks which I will have to dig out and photograph if anyone is interested in seeing them.


  2. Wondering if we can start a conversation about vintage/new old stock soles and heels.  I see these being used on new builds, which I love, looking for more info on this.

    Are there any downsides to using these old products?  Do they degrade over time?

    Does anyone have a collection of these, or a stash of interesting stuff?

    I have been visiting local shops to see what I can find.  Lots of heels available, mainly dress shoe sizes, but not seeing much in the way of interesting half soles.   

    Here are a couple of things I have.  Not familiar with the heels, I have seen these Biltrite half soles before and I think they look good.

    What does everyone else have?  Are you able to find stuff where you are?  Info please!






  3. Wound up going to see Michal at Shoe Repair Concierge in Chinatown really close to your shop.  In the mall in the big parkade under the Floata restaurant.  Has a great little shop and he did a great job of replacing the Christy sole on my Red Wings with a thick leather midsole, Vibram chevron half sole and Cat’s Paw heel.  He totally gets it and I am loving the shoes.  Recommended.

  4. I'd like to know if there are any cobblers in Vancouver doing interesting work.  I'm thinking really nice resoles and rebuilds along the lines of Brass Tokyo etc.  Most cobblers could probably do the work but it would be nice if there is someone out there who gets it without having to explain.

    would also like to see more variety in footwear selection here.  Everyone just sells Red Wings.  I have several pairs and love them but would like to see other brands.  Niftydo did a nice run of Vibergs recently.

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