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  1. SoraL

    arcteryx veilance

    I've gotten the Align MX pants. AMA I'm in love so far
  2. SoraL


    Yeah true, to be fair I got mine like 60-65% off? I would not pay retail for these at all
  3. SoraL


    The BBS X Salomon Speedcrosses are very versatile and most comfortable pair of shoes I've owened. Somebody posted the all white pair and I dislike all white shoes as I typically wear always black tops/bottoms so they would stick out like a sore thumb, and it's also more prone to getting dirty/showing wear. I've used them in urban commutes it looks great paired with Veilance as a clean pair of commute shoes, and for light hiking both. The pointed toe might turn certain people off but this colorway is alot better/more clean than most Salomons. The logo doesn't really stick out too much either which is a nice factor. However I might suggest sizing up .5 or 1 on these I've talked with a few owners of these shoes and they all say a .5 sizeup is suggested typically.
  4. SoraL

    WAYWT destroyed my cybernetic implants [2046]

    Issey Miyake Coat Uniqlo Tee Kmart Joggers Guidi 998's Havona Labs Belt
  5. SoraL

    arcteryx veilance

    The jacket I think might be "slightly" less warm than the Mionn. But I personally feel like buying the Mionn is better for the more unique/better design, you can get many lightweight puffer style jackets imo I think it helps I'm the ideal height/weight for Veilance I find it's made for slender and tall people I'm 1.83/72kg or 6'0/160lb in imperial. Across all the pants I'm a 31, jackets I'm a M, Tees I'm also a M. However if you're more muscular in the legs I find it might benefit some people up 1 waist, certain items like the Conduct Anorak some people might also benefit from sizing up if they wish to layer something more than a plain t-shirt. The main complaint I have is the lack of inseam choices for pants, many of their pants are alot more smart/formal looking and would benefit greatly from that, I myself have fairly long legs so the pants don't stack but for alot of people the fit isn't too flattering. As I said earlier too if you have really buff legs you're also screwed often times. I personally feel like buying something like a Mionn IS as a mid layer and then buying a monitor/field LT to use as shell might be more beneficial as you get two items for nearly the price of one, and it doesn't look as "bulky" Imo