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  1. a few pairs of used lvc for sale at
  2. Mr Daniel Plainview from "there will be blood" in a cameo for levis lvc
  3. @mandel9000 nice belt on that ig pic.
  4. Both 1937's, the first ones from 2007, the 2nd´s unknown date, is the flaring out stitching at the back pocket a design update or inaccuracy?
  5. Is it possible to know production dates through these tags?
  6. Thanks Propeller, thought so too, but I'm on a learning curve... That flaring out stitching at the pocket is some ugly s**t (imo).
  7. anyone knows what's this? lvc? stf?
  8. Learning the hard way Maynard, thanks for the tip!
  9. The 1947's seem to be a pitfall (google example of the word applies right to me "the pitfalls of buying goods at public auctions") for the inexperienced. Have two pairs and same problem reported by sympathy and shovett. most strangely the bigger marked waist W31 rigid is an inch smaller (15.25) than the smaller W30 new rinse (16.25), crazy..
  10. Yeah, it does. Ebay has a report link but doesn't let you tell the whole story which means it's just an escape valve, but they won't do anything. Once, after a pair of crocket & jones boots (I also have a wonderful story with cj boots and arnold schwarzenegger at one of their shops in London but I'll tell it later) I discovered the seller was someone from Paris. He sold lots of luxury goods, usually for very high amounts and always with auctions, never using buy it now option. When researching what he had been selling the same 4 or 5 bidders were a constant in his auctions, hugely inflating prices. I reported dozens (yes, dozens) of items to ebay and continued to watch his items, for months he just continued his practice without any trouble (ebay got huge commissions from him...). Just by hazard I found him in a style forum , checked and he was the same guy, this time advertising some of his sales (but not selling them at the forum) usually praising and bragging about crocket jones shoes, posting the same photo shoes he posted at ebay. I sent him a message asking for info about the shoes and telling him that was suspicious of most of his sales and that I had amassed some proof of his scams. He never answered... and I just posted a warning at the cjones thread about the guy, don´t know if he is still there or not. Do you know what happened? He just changed all his auctions to private (impossible to trace) and ebay perhaps gave him a friendly warning to turn his auctions to "buy it now" instead of "shill bids". He continues to do business with impunity at ebay to this day, check him at After that, I can´t be bothered to report anything more to ebay and couldn´t care less, just wanted to share this story, hear your take and potentially avoid some casualties here but that's all. I remember one of the guys at that style forum almost assumed he did some friendly bids with his friends items and vice-versa and that it was "ok", in order to keep prices "honest", after all clothing was only pocket change... Some honesty, I'd say, on the other hand also know that some collectors will do anything to have their items regardless of the price and couldn't care less to investigate or research like the poor man I am
  11. I think it's a familiar story most of us share following LVC items at ebay in search of that nice and cheap deal. It's always a thrill to win something you're after for a while. Lately I've been following my share of items due to a sudden (sad?) rush of itching for denim and even if it's difficult to find anything below W30, I'll keep trying. But all this attention brought to the fore a few fishy and nagging bits, about which, if some of you care, I'd like to hear your point. If you don't consider this adequate to this thread or find it in any way derogatory, judgmental or abusive, I apologize in advance, I'll do my best to avoid online pitfalls but I told you. 1st, a guy that bids mostly in new jeans (lvc, from what i've seen) be it in europe, usa or wherever, no matter what waist size. He never wins anything he just makes sure that everyone is kept honest. He never passes a certain amount, never goes until the end of the auction, anyhow he doesn't seem to want to buy anything but to make sure every seller gets a fair price for their jeans, a good samaritan after all, but also a guy that seems to subvert and falsifie the bidding spirit without much restraint. (as you can see below, ebay changes his alas from i***e (28) to a***8 (28) when you enter his details and for the sake of transparency :)) See him in action at 60 quid 105 usd's and here at 90 quid, all different pairs, sizes, places, etc. There's a few more examples but I think you've got the point. What do you think of this lvc samaritan? - Another situation comes from a past known seller of lvc, stylecreep, that now sells under the name stylecreep outlet at ebay uk. The guy I mentioned before is also a regular at stylecreep auctions but only bids in new lvc jeans, but there is also another regular, this one a true lover of stylecreep items, all of them... His bidding activity with stylecreep is 93%, incredible... but unfortunately he never wins much with stylecreep, neither goes to the end of auctions... just another very good samaritan with loads and loads of "friendly" bids with this seller. His alas appear as a***m (283 or recently 286 feedbacks) but if you press his alas it appears as g***2 (see below). Ebay business is profit not transparency, we already knew that long ago. Will not post further proof of the presence of this guy at stylecreep auctions because I guess y'all know how to conduct advanced searches at ebay. -Finally stylecreep outlet sold these two pairs last week (below you can see the happy bidders mr 28 and mr 283/286), they were won buy the same guy but I've never had seen him at other auctions before. Conspicuously two pairs with same specs are today again for auction by stylecreep (at and which means either, they have loads of stock of the same items, improbable but not impossible, the guy didn't pay, he just had an adrenaline rush and went straight burning cash lvc's suddenly discovering he had to pay the rent, not at all improbable, and finally, just a little scam??? let´s hope not. Further research seems to show the same guy won five pairs of lvc's at stylecreep auctions but perhaps afraid of underbidding and losing some just overbid and finally refused the two bigger pairs. It can happen, but stylecreep could've gone to the 2nd higher bidder. I bet we'll see the same ol' guys bidding again at these new auctions... Sorry for the hassle and long post, I'm not an auction cop by any means, just do my research before buying and this one seems pretty interesting.
  12. x2
  13. 1947's w36 new
  14. What's the take about all the de-tagged LVC's jeans at ebay? Where do they come from? People ask serious money even without the tags..