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  1. the blurry spots near the eyelet is the black plastic used to reinforce the inner part of the hole.  You can google images of the bamboo and they are quite noticeable in most shots.  As for if it is legit, I would say yes because the shape of the black tape on the upper looks good, as well as how spaced the first eyelet prong is from the rest of the cage. However, I would take more opinions if you are truly worried as I'm not a master at these things. 

  2. Union Los Angeles is easily the worse..... each item had an easy 200-300+  1-300+ compared to other US retailers...

    For example:


    Bodega: 1190$

    Union: 1490$ 


    Bodega: 1380$

    Union: 1720$


  3. 12 minutes ago, dscent said:

    J28 sold out. Was sitting there for abit ~2 mins

    I got the Medium J28, I was honestly surprised I got it because I had to manual everything.. annoyed at the price inflation compared to other US stores though..

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