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  1. my bad, hadn't seen it in here previously so didn't realise, thanks bro
  2. Does anyone have spec list of whats releasing about? Remember seeing some images and product names "leak" a month or so ago
  3. WTB: All size small No tears are holes, but more than happy to look at pairs with heavy general wear, as well as no spec sheet/bag P10-S P20-S P23TS-S P25DS
  4. Could i get some advice on how i should go about cropping the ankles on my pair of under armour sportswear shell trousers? I love the material on them and they have great utility/usability, however they're a little too long and would like to give them a bit more of the carrot look. Was thinking about cutting open the cuff and pushing webbing through it, then using a cam buckle or ladderloc to keep it in place, allowing me to have the cropped or open leg depending on weather. First picture is what they are like now, second picture is the ideal look. Any help is hugely appreciated! I'm very much a newcomer to modding my own clothing and don't want to just go about ruining trousers I already am a huge fan of.
  5. In case it hasn't been highlighted already, SSENSE have gotten all of their And Wander pieces on discount, some really nice bits in there for anyone interested Link: My favourites:
  6. A heads up for anyone who bought the bucket hat, it looks like it no longer comes with a face mask as shown in previous images. Mine has arrived in post today, thought it was a factory defect but Nike have since removed images from their site including the mask so looks like this was just a mistake at launch. On the bright side, quality is not bad on the hat itself. Shame about the mask though as that was a major part of why i picked it up, would have otherwise gone with the cap
  7. Totally agree on the ripstop, i think they just needed to either use a thicker material, or something that just keeps its shape a bit better. That being said, i absolutely adore the chunky buckle on it.
  8. I'd say go half a size down, but i like a snug fit. for reference: Ultra Boost 2.0: UK 10.5 (fits perfect) Air Force 1: UK 10 (fits perfect) Yeezy 350 V2: UK 10 (snug) Spiridon: UK 9.5 (too snug) I went with a UK 10, but could have easily gone down half a size. Going to try my local nikelab, hopefully will have some luck and can return these online
  9. KMTR's just arrived, went with my true size and they're totally too big. Is anyone else surprised with how they feel in hand? They just feel a little flimsy imo, granted they were one of the cheaper pieces from the collection, i guess i just raised my hopes a little too high
  10. Do you think stock will be that limited to get? I know the cap is one of the lower priced pieces, but i've been on counting on the clothing to sit at least until sale so i can get for a better price That or idiotic hypebeast kids buying hoping to make that juicy resell $$$